Apple Park Is Opening It Doors Come April

apple spaceship campus tim cook

Apple’s new campus has a name and a move-in date. With that said i will put in a little Yass! for Tim Cook..

On Wednesday, Apple announced that its 175-acre ring-shaped futuristic campus will be called “Apple Park” and employees will being occupying it in April, although construction will continue through the summer. By the end of this year, Apple expects to move more than 12,000 employees into the new Cupertino campus. Continue reading


MAC Tropic Cool Times Nine Eyeshadow x 9 Palette

Cosmetics brand, MAC is set to debut four new, limited edition variations of MAC Eyeshadow x 9 Palettes for only $32 (each) on the 2nd of March 2017.

The brand features quite a number of colors in each palette including nude, red, dark purple, blue and yellow. Judging by the photos, beauty enthusiasts will definitely love to have one or more of these amazing palettes in their possession. Continue reading

Seven Earth-Sized Planets Have Been Discovered Orbiting A Dwarf Star

The funniest thing about this news is that Nigerians are probably thinking of possible ways to bring the dollar and pounds rates down and Americans are just busy wishing for aliens.

Seven Earth-sized planets with the potential to contain liquid water have been discovered orbiting a dwarf star, and three of them are “firmly located” in the habitable zone, NASA announced Wednesday. Continue reading

Gionee S6 Review From Bullets Systems

Getting into the issue that my Canon camera is still wounded and helps, is something i must do until help comes, is something I must do!

So I got to review the Gionee S6 a while back and it was pretty cool, yes I know the phone is a little bit old but you have to remember that Nigeria do not produce this phones and it takes time for me to lay my hands on it. The Gionee S6 is a pretty straight forward phone with lots of “not too many pre installed apps” (Yeh! More space!).  But, if you want to know more watch the video and remember to subscribe to the channel.


The wait is finally over, DPERecords Label is back with an unannounced compilation project of her artistes titled “The Unserious Project”(Inspired by 3Kings #SoulTrap Vol. 2).

“The Unserious Project” is a compilation of strong, diverse and indisputably hip hop songs with both international and mainstream appeal and the essence of hip hop: solid beats, dope rhymes and relatable content. Continue reading

Is This What the Apple iCar Could Look Like?

Apple iCar Concepts By ClickMechanic

Speculating about Apple’s next iProduct is part of the fun and imagining how the adopted technology would be rendered via Apple’s design scheme. Many muse that Apple’s next big endeavor will be a car, which isn’t surprising given the automotive market’s focus on shifting from fuel to electric. Continue reading

Smart Mirror is Coming To The Fashion World

Since e-commerce began threatening stores last decade, retailers have been trying to make their locations operate more like the web. Yet despite splurging on the latest bells and whistles, they’ve mostly failed and fallen further behind their online rivals.

Recent efforts—such as QR codes, which call up merchandise information when scanned with a smartphone, and internet kiosks, where shoppers can browse a retailer’s online store—are either too far ahead of, or behind, shoppers technologically, so they haven’t been embraced, says Brendan Witcher, an expert on retail strategies at Forrester. Continue reading

What To Know About The Nigerian Whistleblowing Portal


Now, Whistleblowers can submit any tip they have against a ministry, department or agency of the Nigerian government at Offenses that can be submitted include fraud, mismanagement of public funds and assets, violation of financial regulations, the collection of bribes, manipulating data and records and any other form of corruption involving government funds and assets. Continue reading

What People Wore To The Kanye West “Yezzy Season 5”

Streetsnaps YEEZY Season 5

While as it seems people like to not wear Yezzy designs but love attending his shows, well they also love wearing the yezzy boots but clothes are reserved for the closets why? But, from what I hear about Yezzy Season 5 people will soon be wearing more Yezzy proudly including me , well at the right budget… Continue reading

Kendall + Kylie’s 2017 Fall Collection

Kendall + Kylie 2017 Fall Collection Lookbook

Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s second ready-to-wear collection is high B chic?  I guess, it’s very commercial, wearable and comfortable with a little peek a boo, definitely nothing like the debut line . Its seems like the Kardashian clan are coming for streetwear full throttle .

Continue reading

Maki Oh 2017, What Have You Done To Elegance

Maki Oh RTW Fall 2017

I was just telling a friend how commercial , very commercial Maki Oh is, well it seems that i may have performed the scared ritual of supporting a designer that is not aware of your foreseeing statements; by putting my foot in my mouth. Continue reading

The Legal Issues You Need To Know If You’re Launching A Startup In 2017

startupsThinking of finally launching that startup in this year, 2017? You’d be in for a ride, especially if you are a dropout college student in Africa.

One of the most important things is actually forming the company, which is something startup founders sometimes forget to do. I always think of the scene in Silicon Valley where he gets his first investor check and he goes to the bank and says, “I want to deposit this,” and the bank says, “You don’t have a company.” That’s something we’ll often see with founders. They’ll think about trademarking their name, or they’ll think about setting up their website before actually setting up the entity. Continue reading

Business Of Fashion How To Reach The mystically Millennials

Image result for How to Reach Millennial

“In China it’s slightly different from everywhere else, because we’ve had several generations of only children,” said Vogue China editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung explaining why Chinese millennials have such spending power.

Cheung told BoF founder and CEO Imran Amed: “The millennials, I would describe them as the real consumers, the organic consumers. They consume for the sake of consuming. And they just love things, they want to buy… it’s not for any purpose.” Continue reading

Facebook Now Makes 84% of Its Advertising Revenue From Mobile

when Facebook had its initial public offering, it was making no ad money from mobile at all. What a difference half a decade makes.

According to the company’s latest earnings released today, mobile advertising accounted for 84 percent of its 2016 fourth-quarter revenue—up from 80 percent during the same period the previous year. Continue reading

Fashion Alert! Beyoncé Performances Dress Slays At The 2017 Grammys

Sweet Black Jesus , we do not deserves Beyonce!  I can hear my nigerian aunty shouting the normal Beyonce devil illuminati banta, especially with the outfit specific resemblances to a statue of the virgin Mary.  I think they all should pipe low and blow gracefully to the Queen lol!  Now, this is what you call a performance, when you come for an award show but it was turned into a Beyonce’s performance!

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Menswear Review Onwuchekwa by Chikizie Daniels

Chikizie Daniel Nigeria menswear designerI feel like review is not really the word to describe this review, it is not like I have actually seen or felt the clothes with hands belonging to me, so I feel this is going to be a stone left unturned review. . Continue reading