My Take On Domestic Violence: Is It A Right To Slap Someone?

Do know what “Domestic violence” hasn’t been properly addressed in Nigeria, and I have decided to talk about that today.
The problem is so deep that it has been mistakenly encouraged, have you ever been to a Nigerian wedding and had the Chairman of the event telling the Bride and Groom that if they have any problem, they shouldn’t tell anyone outside their marriage, yeah I kind of agree to that “to a point!”, but Chairmen or MC’s of wedding events don’t add to a point, and that is just sad.
The wife who in most cases fall victim of domestic violence are been told by the society that if their husband hits/beats them, they should shut up and deal with it alone, not knowing that it can go on for years.
As you can see this so called African mentality is really killing us, and we need to address this right down from the Chairmen or MC’s remarks, and people should be encourage to speak up and talk about their problems.

Another problem is the awareness campaign for domestic violence.  Right now as we speak there are so many NGO’s out there, who are making the ordinary people made aware of domestic violence but are there any NGO’s out there making sure that the authorities/security forces who the ordinary people are meant to meant to report their incidence to are made aware of how to handles cases like domestic violence?
Because it will be pure stupidity if you only train the people and you don’t train the security forces.
Nigeria was once a country where the voices of the people were the loudest but presently we are more concerned with paying for DSTV and FIRST CLASS TICKET TO DUBAI!
I think it high time we know our rights, speak up and fight for our rights.
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