A Danish woman, Anja Ringgren Lovén saves children accused of being witches

A woman from Denmark named Anja Ringgren Lovén has spent three years in Nigeria saving children from the worst cases of abuse. She is taking care of kids abandoned by their own very families for being witches.

A documentary on her work is coming up and she has been raising funds from people in her country to assist the kids.   See what this woman is doing, it can’t be compared to some Nigerian NGO’s that are just eating UN’s Money.

Read her facebook post and see some of the photos below;

“I’ve seen much here in Nigeria over the last 3 years. I have spared you for many experiences when we’ve been on the rescue operations. Thousands of children are being accused of being witches and we’ve both seen torture of children, dead children and frightened children. This footage shows why I fight. Why I sold everything I own. Why I’m moving out in uncharted territory. Why the new documentary is so important for dinnødhjælps work so we can shout world leaders up so we can get focused on superstition in Nigeria! I hope you will all see with when ” Anja Africa ‘ is being shown on TV. Together we can make the biggest difference!

I have chosen to call the boy hope for right now, we all hope that he survives. He is in the hospital and you guys want to support hope with medicine and hospital bills as you daily pay for hospitalisation here in Nigeria can make a contribution on dinnødhjælps mobilepay: 27 21 24 34

The details of today’s rescue mission yesterday I can’t go into now. But you will see it all in the new documentary “Anja Africa” being shown on dr2 so remember to watch!”

Here are some of the photos:








Photo credit: Abiyamo

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  1. saddest news to report

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  3. I Thank God everyday that there is people like you in this world. All I can offer is prayer but that is the most powerdul thing to offer. Please continue saving lives & helping those in need. Love you & your spirit.:)

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  5. Please let me kno If there’s anything I can possibly do to help you out in any way!!

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  7. if you want to donate to the danish woman visit this link http://dinnoedhjaelp.dk/stot-os/

    but if you to support the blog this is my email awomkenneth@gmail.com

  8. if you want to donate visit this link http://dinnoedhjaelp.dk/stot-os/

  9. If you want to donate visit this link http://dinnoedhjaelp.dk/stot-os/

  10. How can someone be part of this mission? Thanks

  11. i will get you the info soon…

  12. Yes i agree, i would like to know how i can help support as well i live in America.

  13. Please spread the word about how we can help you. I live in Mexico and I would like to know what can I do to support you.

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