What I wore – JAH Collections (Denim)

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I remember when I was in Lagos city trekking my way from my hotel in Marina to Hard Rock Cafe in Water corporation, trekking due to the heavy traffic caused by 2016 Lagos Marathon.  My sweat pores were begging me to take a break! lol

This is a denim look that I have been trying to do all this while and I have finally got it right, to achieve this look you have to firstly buy the clothes from JAH collection and secondly never wear the same shades of denim head to toes, that is just wrong! Make sure the fit you well and be 100% certain that you feel confident in the clothes, if not you are just a dead walking. See more pics below…

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Then to complete my look I finished it up with a brown belt and shoe.

Photography by I_kyube

Camera Lumia 535

AdobePhotoshopExpress_339e38a55adb4f16b951d27f09a67856 InstagramCapture_a3de3bb4-39ff-4baf-81de-2ddfe7c8d8d1 InstagramCapture_d0c14553-3a5c-482a-b3b9-8e8e69cf2686 WP_20160208_17_53_04_Pro WP_20160208_17_54_30_Pro

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