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Finally! I got the chance to upload this pictures I took last week sporting on clothes from JAH collections.  Its has just been a little crazy around here lately fighting and warding off evil spirits is no joke! Lol don’t mind me, I come from the land of JUJU, as said by a Ugandan comedian during the 2016 AMVCA that took place last week. That was so awkward and mind blowing awesome at the same time!

And talking about the AMVCA, I did a little fashion review of what our Nigerian and South African celebs wore (see here). 



Back to the post, for my first look i wore a ash tee shirt and Blue jeans from JAH and paired it with a monochrome sneakers from my brothers’ wardrobe.   While for the second look I only change into a blue shirt from JAH.

For this shoot, I kept things a little indoorsy, specifically a construction site. So for my next shoot, pack your bags cause we are going to be traveling out!  Not to Dubai but to somewhere not familiar, I am thinking of a park, zoo, gardens or basically the street road!

Send us your feedbacks and did you like?  Tell us what you think we should do next!

IMG_0115 IMG_0113



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