Hola By Nwoko Alexandre

Turn off the lights please; my world feels like it’s exploding, the last thing I will want is for my heart to explode. Got this girl whose light shines so bright that it illuminates mine.

Being a player ain’t shit, but the last thing I would want is to be that father who’s got no respect from his family. Who don’t bring nothing to the table, who’s got nothing but dick to offer. She said she wants to blow, to be famous, to erase the tears of her momma’s cheeks. She said she feels like everything’s gonna be alright. But sometimes the stress weighs her down, and before you know it she goes down the lain, gets on the low, and then her lights gets turned off, like a giant cloud coming up on your sun. 

So I try to show her the bright side, I’ll be like ‘bae you so perfect you don’t need to be on a low. You  see you’ve come a long way to give up so easily’. And I just want to tell her everything there is to make her happy. But as long as her lights are off, nothing good can really come out off the nigga. So I just tell her to turn on her lights. Bae lights please.

You see now the nigga is becoming more focused, started to pursue his ambitions, starting to live his dreams, and as bizarre as it may sound, that nigga loves you. And he don’t want to hurt you, so he’s been thinking lately, where’s he headed to? Don’t get it wrong you that one girl who can lift a man up to any heights he’s ever imagined. But sometimes love can be a distraction, so as much as he wants to hold onto you, he’s got to let go.  After all if you’re he’s you’ll bring your round ass back to him. His never gonna forget about you cos he learnt a lot about life and love from you. Things he’s never gonna forget about.

Thank you darling for everything.


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