How To Rob A Bank

how to rob a bank

First of all don’t do it…

Robbing a bank is like expecting to be thrown in jail for the rest of your life with no ease. But if you are still interested in doing it, and you feel that your life has the value of the Nigerian currency or better still the value of money in south sudan, then here are some tips to not getting caught but ending up in jail: 

  1. Whatever You Do, Don’t Tell MOM!   Except your mom is like the sister of the underworld, don’t let her know that you will be robbing a bank. She will definitely talk you out of it. Is like trying to commit suicide then you call 911.
  2. Eat Your Breakfast  You don’t want to be caught off guard because you didn’t take breakfast that morning, they will definitely catch you.
  3. Don’t Wear Head To Toe RED!   No guys, you are not superman or ironman, it will just plain madness and you will going to jail that night because everyone will see you coming before you could even utter a single alphabet.
  4. Order A Drone Just trust me you will need it…
  5. Pray To God   Whatever you do, don’t ever forget to put God first, because it is only God that will help you the rough becomes impossible.





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  1. LOL… thanks alot

  2. Lol! LWKMD! Nice piece boss. In addition, ensure you empty your bladder before leaving. You don’t want your bladder screaming foul just when you pass the guards.

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