4 Pictures to prove that Sunday service is the biggest fashion event in Nigeria


I maybe trying to call myself a fashion blogger (lmao) outside the four corners of my parents house, but my all seeing mum knows that I can bring out an old cloth from the laundry basket, wear it and go out without ironing it (big shame).  The only difference for me during sunday service is that the clothes i would wear (hardly go for service) is that, it would be clean. Even when I was the 2016 African Fashion Week Nigeria, I wore the same clothes for three days!  

But in the normal society of Nigeria, my case is rare,  Sunday Service in every Nigerian church is when even the poor in money become rich in cotton and polyester.  Even the pastors are not left out in this vanity seeking game, it’s that special time when your neighbor uses his black SUV instead of the rickety Toyota he drives to work.  The competition is so fierce that you can hardly differentiate the rich from the poor. The only means of knowing who get and who no get is during the prayer time, as the popular saying goes “ From their Prayer you shall know them!” lol

And if you don’t believe me see the pics from this church…






Photo credit: houseontherockchurch

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