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Logical Address is an addressing system that solves two humans most fundamental problems.

4 billion people in the world are without an address and 7.4 billion people (the population of the world) are nomadic. Today we live in Abuja, tomorrow we are in Cairo and this goes on and on for various reasons ranging from better jobs, better life, greener pastures, crises and war, hunger etc.

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I believe that once we solve the physical address challenges then new opportunities and ideas never been thought or conceived before can emerge. The mission to create an addressing system was born out of the frustration of describing where one lives and the stress of having to go and pick someone at a popular landmark just because they can not get to one’s residence. Africans can relate to that. The fact is that the 30% of the world with a valid address can not reach the population without. Also banks, governments armed with the fact about our changing physical addresses will not stop asking their customers or staff to update their data.


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Without a doubt, physical addresses did a good job in the industrial age but in the information age, the age of computers and connected-everything has exposed the flaws in that system. GPS is yet another physical address, What3Word (http://what3words.com/) and Natural Area Coding System (NAC http://www.nacgeo.com/) and a host of others are attempts to make physical addresses better.


It’s time we asked the right question. Who are physical addresses for? Unfortunately, over the years we have believed that physical addresses are for human biengs but we were wrong. We cannot put humans, even businesses at a fixed point in space. Physical Addresses are for POIs such as buildings, museums, churches etc. It is for this same reason mobile phones quickly replaced landlines and continue to have huge impact. Logical Address is a new system of address, smart address that resonates with computers and this information age and with it we can build amazing technology applicable in e-commerce, Logistics, government and smart cities.

Logical Address is available for free download on playstore. The app will guide you through setting up your home and work addresses. The app translates logical addresses to physical addresses and uses google map for navigation. Modelled after GSM Logical Address system represents your home and work addresses like phone numbers. The mobile app consists of a dialer. To locate someone’s address one just need to dial their Logical Address in the app.

By Retnan Daser, CEO, Logical Address

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