Instagram Hits Another Milestone – 600 Million Active Users

Instagram’s strategy to beat Snapchat at its own game seems to be working. The Facebook-owned social network centered on photos (lol, more like a cool controled CNN) has announced Last week that it has more than 600 million users.

The last 100 million of those have signed up in the past six months, which is quite impressive because it took them nine months to go from 400 million to 500 million. 

Snapchat Fans Reaction grin cheesy

Instagram Users Right grin

Instagram has been adding a whole lot of new features in the past few months, even some that weren’t really inspired by Snapchat. It went from a place to share and look at photos and videos to something that can be called a standalone social network that lets you post and see photos and videos, but also disappearing media, Stories and even Live Video. Oh, and just some days ago it added a function that lets you save posts for later

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