Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi’s Wedding Celebration in Maiduguri #ZAhmed2016

Should I keep my opinions about wedding gowns to myself? The Indimis are hosting newlyweds Ahmed Indimi and the President’s daughter Zahra Buhari to a wedding celebration, which seems like a night time white wedding reception, today in Borno State, did not know Borno State was safe?  Ok oil things…

The President’s official photographer Bayo Omoboriowo captured them entering with their two little brides, while they had a stunning portrait by Big H Studios.zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi-wedding-in-borno_2zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi-wedding-in-borno_4zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi-wedding-in-borno_3zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi-wedding-in-borno_1zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi-wedding-ball-in-maiduguri_1

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