These Computer Skills Can Fetch You $100,000+ PER MONTH

Image result for These Computer Skills Can Fetch You $100,000+ PER MONTHJob Site, published a 2015 Salary Survey of the highest paying Tech jobs in the world, they surveyed a total of 23,470 IT Professionals.  I am not if Nigerians were taken account off.  In my opinion, if you really love Technology, and you are planning on starting your career soon, you should not be looking at following the crowd but if all you want is a decent pay consider going for a course that would be needed in the future when Technology finally takes over everything.

Dice decided to share this survey with everyone, however we all know that Skills doesn’t really lead to getting a good job especially in a country like Nigeria, but it is a stepping stone and it gives you an edge over others. Also, it is not only about having these skills, you must apply these skills.

With that said, here are the top tech skills that can put you at an advantage and, of course, make you earn more.

  1. PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) is worth $ 100,445
  2. C++ is worth  $ 101,586
  3. Oracle DB  is worth  $ 101,189
  4. Microsoft Project is worth $101,875
  5. Visual C++ is worth $102,490
  6. Fortran is worth $102,592
  7. Java/J2EE  is worth $102,889
  8. Business Intelligence is worth $ 103,871
  9. Azure is worth $105,395
  10. MicroStrategy is worth $109,069
  11. Ruby  is worth $105,714
  12. CloudStack is worth $115,043
  13. Cloud Computing is worth $104,372
  14. OpenStack is worth $116,047
  15. ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)  is worth $124,262
  16. SDN (Software Defined Network)  is worth $113,796
  17. IDMS (Integrated Database Management System) is worth $113,471
  18. JSP (JavaServer Pages) is worth $113,207
  19. NoSQL is worth $118,587
  20. Data Architect is worth $118,104


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