Nigeria Recorded 76,907 Active Domains On .NG in 2016 — NiRA

NiRA, the registry for .ng Internet Domain Names, has been condemned by a lot of Nigerians for selling .ng domains at one of the most expensive rates of any domain in the world. The cheapest a .ng domain sells for by companies listed on the NIRA website is N13,500/year.  Well do numbers lie?

With most sites selling domains for the one year lease as high as $99 and up to $600.

Despite this, NiRA reported that the active domains in the country in 2016 reached 76,907 doubling the 33,752 recorded in 2015 and 31,542 recorded in 2014.

According to the President of NiRA, Rev. Sunday Afolayan:

There is always a lull in Domain Name Registrations and Renewals at the Registry in the last month of the year.

“The increase in domain name registration is more noticeable when viewed across the different years. The domain names registered and renewed in December 2016 is more than the registrations in December 2015 and almost doubled the registration in November 2014.

Moving forward, NIRA hopes to further ramp up the awareness for and .ng domain names by exploiting Internationalized domain names (IDNs) in the three main Nigerian languages (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba); Introduction of Domain Name System (DNS)  in the Nigerian educational curriculum; Appointment of .ng ambassadors from the Business and Art world, to name a few.

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