The Truth About Joining The Start-Up Trend In 2017

It has been statistically proven that most of you will die within the next coming months, but nevertheless we all must face death at one point in time…

Joining the startup trend even if you have the passion for it does not mean you will be listed in the fortune 500 before this year runs out or in the next ten years to come, you might as well quite your facebook wanna be dream, dust off your certificates and go look for a decent job.  Every entrepreneur who has successfully convinced himself to be a dropout from the school of normal employment should ask himself/herself this “are you earning more as an entrepreneur than someone who is been paid to work ? 

The truth, before Mr. Facebook started getting investments funds and subsequently making major money as media company that is not a media company but actually a tech company, he had his platform up and running, and people were already using his platform.  So all he had to do was present the numbers and his realistic targeted goals to his investors and he was in business.

But when you’re a startup and you have a platform or an idea you just finished planning out, instead of silently executing your plans and been calculative about your next move, you wait for the angel investor of your dreams to come down from startup heaven.  Ask yourself this, if you had one million dollars (N480 Million) would you invest that money to startup that has no users database whatsoever, no income receipts since creation and no set goals, but has a great idea ?  Well if I had $100 Million I might invest $10,000 for 60% of the company…

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