The Lies In The Nigerian Tech StartUp Space

nigeria tech startup

What I think of the tech space in Nigeria, is basically, a space where a bunch of we can all be rich in the “foreseeable future” sets of people come together to explain prehistoric rich men who are not willing to believe them; due to lack of real business know how, that this idea of an app will bring in unimaginable wealth with a peanut from your money pile.  But, this is just an idea with no reality whatsoever, the idea generator does not have any mystical marketing powers neither is he or she mostly he, a God or Goddess is the HR world (wait, do they know HR?). 

The prehistoric scary pants and inpatient Nigerian oil enhanced in one way or another money pile man gets scared, the business is not earning money yet, come back with your term sheet when you start earning something, they often say.

Little do they know that these are set of people who just want to build money and not a business, they will used up over 50% of any investor’s money on themselves and their ever money seeking extended family.  They do not have plans to bring in a mentor or a real CEO, who will spear head the business, while they handle the technical stuffs youtube taught them.  And the o.o1% that do bring in “real” CEO ‘s, bring in friends with a real level of thirst!

Neocolonialism comes into play, when we see that friendly, welcoming and very very very generous dollar donor, who will trick you into believing that he is investing in you, meanwhile he is just experimenting and controlling the patent market and some other interesting conspiracies. The dollar donor just asks for reports, he doesn’t mind if your were living in Mr. Okafor’s house paying rent and now you have two houses in mainland and one in V.I and from no car , the company now has one range rover with some toyota’s and you are now processing some very expensive visa application for a one month vacation.

And don’t get me started on all this tech startup competition and exhibition….. #FreeIsAnIdeaButCheapIsReal


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