Best #WhatsAppDown Tweets during the Outage



Mark Zuckerrberg just proved that he owns you all!  Just imagine if Facebook was down for a week! WhatsApp was down for a while yesterday. (Update: WhatsApp is back. Outage lasted over 200mins) And people are reacting to the outage in hilarious ways on Twitter. As usual Twitter is always crazy, see below..

Me enjoying twitter and also checking if WhatsApp is up again

Some people didn’t get what was going on. So they restarted their devices a couple of times

A moment of silence for all those who have rebooted their phones all in the name of whatsapp not working

Some are waiting to feel popular when the notifications trickle in

If @WhatsApp comes back we might get a whole bunch of notifications at once & momentarily feel really popular

Some just noticed their life is not “a life”


.. Time to think about what I’m doing with my life!

Did you try to uninstall and install the app?

A moment of silence to all people who reinstalled the app before checking on Twitter.

Here’s what’s trending:

No you’re lying:

Brains blowing up right now for the things they were sending

Everyone that’s got @WhatsApp nudes currently pending praying it doesnt go haywire and sent to their full contact list

She had only started responding today after three weeks… then WhatsApp:

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

When she start typing to reply your message after waiting for 3 weeks then whatsapp down

There are literally hundreds of #WhatsAppDown tweets being sent out right now.

That moment when you use Twitter search as your source to confirm whether it’s just you or WhatsApp is down😂

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