Happy Brithday To Me: Being 20 May 17, 2017

i look so handsome lol

Please English corrector, did I get it right or is it been, being or beening?  Anywho…

Being twenty years old in 2017.  I never wanted to see this day, I was totally scared. So you mean to tell me that in ten more years, I will be thirty years old, good heavens!  But here I am just an hour away to be twenty years old officially, well thank God, I am half scared now.  I took a look at the accounts the other day, and it calmed me down, still expecting that money letter from Google and for the first time in how many years, vital foam finally sent me the dividend check, and it was for N123, and tax of like ten Naira was removed, thank God for the other companies if not the banker would have laughed die.  I have a feeling being 20 is going to be good, a little depression here and there, but it will be good.

Looking back, I wanted to achieve so much in primary school, always and constantly praying for wisdom, knowledge and intelligence only and reading only the book of proverbs when I was in primary 5, all due to someone who told me that if you read the book of proverbs, you will have wisdom. And funny enough it worked so well.  I still can’t believe this mind now polluted with characters from shondaland, some YouTube videos, glee and most importantly the trailer from American Gods!  Was once an avid block rosary boy.

Its official I am now twenty years old, I feel like it’s Christmas Eve all over again, waiting all night to make sure to are wake to see the next day.

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