The Nigerian Fashion Scene Is Dead

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The Nigerian fashion scene is dead, somebody shout Hallelujah!

#MadeInNigeria #MadeInAba #BuyNigeria, do any of this hashtag look or feel familiar? Fashion in Nigeria is like a stage play you only get access to it when a play is on and you are lucky enough to have a ticket, but the problem is while you where busy feeling posh and tosh in boring stage play, the rest of the world was busy watching free online you tube videos by Kratz Tv and Video Nigeria.   Don’t get me wrong, Lagos (Lagos is a state in Nigeria, not a country by the way) might be vibrant, but the Nigerian fashion scene in terms of the entire outlook on the market especially for brands is half dead or some might say it is dead but we are trying to use paracetamol to resurrect it.

If your a Nigerian by now you should have met ten local tailors you in your local community, that can sew very well at very and I mean at very affordable Naira. But, when almost all Nigerian designers want to sew an oversize pampers with cheap materials and price it at a million plus?  Like the famous saying “they all want to become automatic millionaires with one piece of cotton”.   Do you honestly believe there will ever be a market for a serious to capitalize on?

We all know those designers with a good sense of economics and an appetite for market grabbing but they have first class in greed and a major in lack of research when it comes to marketing.

Then there are the good ones,  good products with affordable prices that look like it was commissioned by King Solomon himself.  But you don’t do marketing, you desperately believe that the product will standout for itself.  Or they graciously only approve a marketing budget once in eight months and the lords of thee greedy lets them set their budget at about a 100,000 for the period of eight months.  #WellDoneSir

……The End

……. Watch Out For Parts Two


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