London Is Turning Streetlights Into Car Charging Points

For electric cars to really hit the mainstream we need to build better networks of charging points so drivers can ‘fill up’ more easily – and an ingenious scheme is now underway in London to convert standard streetlights into charging points for vehicles.

All that electric car drivers need is a custom charging cable and a parking space next to one of the adapted lights, with power usage and billing all handled via a connected app. The best part is, most of the infrastructure is already in place.

Prices for charging up are in the region of 13 pence per Kilowatt hour, according to a Tesla driver speaking to Fully Charged. That means you could fill up a Tesla Model S for around £13, which works out at about US$17 or AU$22 – enough to get you throughabout 682 kilometres (424 miles) of driving.

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