Finally I can say that I am true!  I have been online since morning working on this.

Some months ago I had the opportunity to interview the charismatic Achor Yusuf and virtually his entire case as of then and it was awesome! I shot the video with my (I phone 5  lol) Lumia 535 phone with the help of Twamsen Danaan,  but the editing took about 2 months to do, for reasons too long…

Achor Yusuf is a Kogi State born director Continue reading




Are you feeling a little upbeat, you day didn’t go as well as you plan and you are, well obviously not happy about it or your day went splendid, you had quiet the best day you could have ever imagined of but you still want a little bit of motivation to keep you going on strong, to remind you that life could be a bed of roses if you really fight for it.

Well you are in luck, below are 12 quotes to read before you sleep…

1. Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see. –Confucius Continue reading

#SecSchoolInNigeria – Nigerians gone ZANY!

#SecSchoolInNigeria has been trending for quite some time now and I though about doing a post for you guys.    One thing I like about Nigeria twitter is that, Nigerians are so zany on twitter!  You get to see sane people go insane, mad people become pastors and in the case of Vic O (look it up), you get to see really unpopular fight with the likes of Drake and Meek Mill lol…

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#WeMissGEJ Trending on Twitter (you just gotta see this!)

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 Apparently they people President Buhari hired to be his speech writers are wack jobs in suits, I just want to belive thqt he didnt mean that percentage thing he was pass across to us, I just want to belive it was him but his speech writers who were obivously high on American wishkey because a President of a democratic country that have been talking about coming back to lead them and bring back justic, say such a nasty thing . As for the rest of Nigerians on twitter, they didnt see the rythme in what he said and shared their outburst on twitter. Take a look….     Continue reading

The sleeping habits of the rich, the powerful, and the genius

The sleeping habits of the rich, the powerful, and the genius kind of means less sleep…

Despite what science says about how crucial a good night’s sleep is to your health and longevity, one thing’s clear from the infographic below – some of history’s most powerful and intelligent people had very little time for it.

Serbian-American inventor, engineer, and fan-favourite, Nikola Tesla, is said to have adopted what’s probably the most ill-advised sleeping habit of them all – devoting just five hours a day to rest, only two of which were dedicated to actual sleep. And this wasn’t something he implemented when he realised he had too many inventions and too little time. In his book, Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Teslaauthor John J. O’Neil says Tesla was terrible at sleeping, even when he was just a boy: Continue reading

JOkes Of The Day!


Having a stressful day or is your day just simply boring while here are some jokes for you to cool off on.

-RACISM is when a white BB Bold 6 cost more than a black BB Bold 6.

-NEMESIS is when you submit your answer sheet with your expo inside.

-LONG THROAT is when you take a girl out on a sunny day & she orders for a hot plate of pepper soup.

-A WITCH is that girl that eats nkwobi, fish pepper soup, shawarma, suya, chicken, smirnoff, fayrouz & when you take her home she says sorry I’m on my…..

-OVERSABI is when you are eating salad with a girl & she says ‘honey, this food no done’.

-OLODO is when you are in a plane with a girl & she says ‘honey I’m hot, can you please roll down the glass’.

-A HUNGRY CHILD is that kid that sees you eating & says ‘my mummy said I shouldn’t take food from strangers’.

-A STUBBORN CHILD is that kid that wakes up in the middle of the night when daddy & mummy are having good time & says ‘mummy I want to piss’.

-MUMUNESS is when you finish reading this and you refuse to COMMENT

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We all have that black but clearly non American teacher

Say what! So this guy walks in with a tablet, an over bulging bag and he climbs the podium, then in moment I realized that he is the lecturer with the foreign accent my friends have been yanking my ear about, so in my mind I was like preparing myself for the hand gestures, the trying to be funny but not funny face making, and the questionable body movement etc.

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motivational quotes

So I opened my black book today which hasn’t been opened in what seems like decades! I saw that you guys like reading motivational stuffs, then I thought of how about I just give you my top five motivational quotes of the day.
1.Could Hamlet have been written by a
or the Mona Lisa painted by a club?
creative ideas do not spring up from groups
they spring up from individuals.
-Whitney Griswold2.

I have so much to do today that I shall
spend the first three hours in prayer.
-Martin Luther

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Junior achievement nigeria

Article by Ogenekeno Egidi

Junior achievement Nigeria Trade fair took place at St. Louis Girls College, Jos. It is a competition between different schools’ companies. That is between the junior achievement companies of different schools. The best or winners of the competition would go on to Abuja and compete at the national level. Continue reading

How To Take Advantage Of SHOPRITE: Buying 8 items below N1,000 (Naira)


fried banana, fried rice, chips, chicken, 2 indomie, ovaltine and ice cream all for N892.84


If you live in Nigeria then you would have been familiarized with the Shoprite frenzy that goes on there. I mean it’s so serious that most people (70%) who go there only there to take a picture and at best buy popcorn or ice cream and then leave.  Really its so serious, I do pity the sellers there.

Now, how do you take advantage of Shoprite (I bought fried banana, fried rice, chips, chicken, 2 indomie, ovaltine and ice cream all for N892.84) : Continue reading

IMPORTED STUFFS: The New High Society Symbol Or Just Lack Of Common Sense?


It is now a norm for you to hear people of different background praising and almost worshipping imported things that they can easily get in their country. They praise that is been given to the imported stuffs is given not to emphasis on its quality because we import on a daily basis from China and you can agree that most a times their stuffs are not up to high quality. The praise is to emphasis on the fact that you had to travel from one country to another to get it, that you spent an insane amount of money on the stuff, a sum of money if well invested can change the world!

They give unimportant praises to you for your capabilities on importing stuffs. You gallantly receive the praise not knowing that those so called people are praising you for spoiling (derogating) their country’s economy, for creating unemployment, for discouraging people who manufacture those stuffs that you import in your country. Continue reading

My Take On Domestic Violence: Is It A Right To Slap Someone?

Do know what “Domestic violence” hasn’t been properly addressed in Nigeria, and I have decided to talk about that today.
The problem is so deep that it has been mistakenly encouraged, have you ever been to a Nigerian wedding and had the Chairman of the event telling the Bride and Groom that if they have any problem, they shouldn’t tell anyone outside their marriage, yeah I kind of agree to that “to a point!”, but Chairmen or MC’s of wedding events don’t add to a point, and that is just sad.
The wife who in most cases fall victim of domestic violence are been told by the society that if their husband hits/beats them, they should shut up and deal with it alone, not knowing that it can go on for years.
As you can see this so called African mentality is really killing us, and we need to address this right down from the Chairmen or MC’s remarks, and people should be encourage to speak up and talk about their problems.

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