Does Your Natural Hair Need Some Marijuana

Hmm, some legal Marijuana, by the way. It sounds a bit weird but I did read somewhere that marijuana helps hair grow and I a lot of people are using it to aid their natural hair journey. To use, you simply mix into your regular hair growth cream and watch your mane get high, lol.  I do know a couple people who have used it and got acne around their hairline afterwards so be careful I guess. Continue reading

Happy Brithday To Me: Being 20 May 17, 2017

i look so handsome lol

Please English corrector, did I get it right or is it been, being or beening?  Anywho…

Being twenty years old in 2017.  I never wanted to see this day, I was totally scared. So you mean to tell me that in ten more years, I will be thirty years old, good heavens!  But here I am just an hour away to be twenty years old officially, well thank God, I am half scared now.  I took a look at the accounts the other day, and it calmed me down, still expecting that money letter from Google and for the first time in how many years, vital foam finally sent me the dividend check, and it was for N123, and tax of like ten Naira was removed, thank God for the other companies if not the banker would have laughed die.  I have a feeling being 20 is going to be good, a little depression here and there, but it will be good.

Looking back, I wanted to achieve so much in primary school, always and constantly praying for wisdom, knowledge and intelligence only and reading only the book of proverbs when I was in primary 5, all due to someone who told me that if you read the book of proverbs, you will have wisdom. And funny enough it worked so well.  I still can’t believe this mind now polluted with characters from shondaland, some YouTube videos, glee and most importantly the trailer from American Gods!  Was once an avid block rosary boy.

Its official I am now twenty years old, I feel like it’s Christmas Eve all over again, waiting all night to make sure to are wake to see the next day.

how to become a travel agent

how to become a travel agent A travel agent in this modern time can be anyone with fast and reliable internet and a good computer.

And most cost effective way to do it is by becoming a freelance travel agent, you not be required to have a physical office space or will there be a need to employ workers in the short run, thereby  drastically reducing your initial capital.  And Like I said all you need for a start is a laptop, internet service and maybe a printer.  Continue reading

How To Get Married In 2017

how to get maried in 2017 I know a lot of people want to get the diamond rings givers of their dreams and the diamond ring receivers of their dreams and according to social media some people lack the certain knowledge on how to go about this intriguing dilemma.  According to the single girls pray that is currently trending on Youtube, the struggle is real and make up money and bella naija weddings are not helping out at all. We keep on gettings beautiful ideas on how we could visualize the wedding of our dreams, like walking down the aisle of sistine chapel, having Beyonce as your singer while Drake choreograph your dance routine etc.  But no perfect solution to solve the shortage of good prospects since most are either gay or married.  Continue reading

Making Nigerian Christmas CHIN CHIN

Christmas is here again!! And it is equally another time to serve my annually punishment of pounding a flour based mixture together and this time around we left the normal 5 measures for 8!  Imagine what the cutting felt like, my feet were basically concrete after the entire process, but the good is that we got enough chin chin to last a month and a half.  Continue reading

Chimamanda Adichie is “Ready To Speak Up” about the Transformative Power of Makeup

Image result for Chimamanda Adichie is “Ready To Speak Up” about the Transformative Power of Makeup

Award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was announced as an ambassador for popular pharmacy chain in the UK and Ireland, Boots and their No7 beauty brand.

In a “Ready To Speak Up” newly released short film series, the Nigerian writer chats with presenter Gemma Cairney, chef Gizzi Erskine, broadcaster Cherry Healey, journalist Sali Hughes, author Louise O’Neill and entrepreneur Sarah Willingham. Continue reading

#Umora2016 The Wedding Finale in SouthAfrica! Lovely Couple Ora Igbinedion & Umar Mantu + Stylish Guests

umora2016_Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 22.13.31_bellanaija

Ora Igbinedion and Umar Mantu are in Johannesburg, South Africa for their final wedding celebration this weekend! After the pre-wedding dinner last night, guests attended the gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony and later the wedding reception.

This is the final part of their wedding, they started off their wedding in Edo state, then Abuja, and finally South Africa!  Continue reading

Rich Kids of Nigeria Are Back Again with their lavish display of wealth


UK Entertainment and lifestyle website, Daily Mail has thrown the spotlight on some of the Rich kids of Africa, just for throwing sake with no real research.  These kids are said to be giving rich kids of Russia, UK and the US stiff competition. Continue reading

Ora Igbinedion & Umar Mantu are in Johannesburg! #Umora2016 Pre-Wedding Dinner

Ora Igbinedion & Umar Mantu in Johannesburg, South Africa Wedding 1

Ora Igbinedion and Umar Mantu are in Johannesburg, South Africa for their final wedding celebration this weekend, but first, they had a pre-wedding dinner tonight.

They started off their wedding in Edo state, then Abuja, where the groom led a 300-horse procession, to pick his wife on a camel.

Here’s a first look at the pre-wedding !

Sons of the Caliphate New Nigeria Series Showing On Ebonylife Tv

sonsofcaliphates1eEbonyLife TV has a new series on the block and it is Sons of the Caliphate, a drama series based on the lives of three friends; rich, entitled, passionate and ambitious young men, Kalifah, Nuhu and Diko.  And I must say, this is first movie that will make some Nigerian Christian feefle to watch a northern/muslim themed film, thereby showing the real culture of the north, making NIGERIA great again.

All three are caught up in the hidden corners of power, the darkness of addiction, the heat of love and desire, the obligations of family loyalty, and the craving for revenge.

Continue reading

Sally Breaks OkadaBooks Record With Over 150,000 Naira In Monthly Sales

Nigerian author Sally Kenneth Dadzie has set a new monthly record primarily from sales of her critically acclaimed book The Fourth Finger.

She now holds the record for the highest sales for a single author on okadabooks with over N150,000. Continue reading

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says “Beyoncé’s feminism isn’t my feminism”

Chimamanda Beyonce

Chimamanda at the 2016 Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List at Saks Fifth Avenue in September 2016 | Beyonce on stage on the ‘The Formation World Tour’ Santa Clara in September 2016

In a new interview with Dutch publication de Volkskrant, Award-winning Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has commented for the first time on Beyoncé’s feminism. Beyoncé used pieces of Chimamanda’s TED Talk “We should all be feminists” in her song “***Flawless“. However, Chimamanda says ‘her type of feminism is not mine, as it is the kind that gives quite a lot of space to the necessity of men’. Continue reading