Bespoke Tailoring In Nigeria

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We all know the scene. A dapper middle aged man, strong, imposing and slightly graying enters a nondescript store: small but impeccably maintained and furnished. He’s greeted by an attendant who takes his coat and ushers him into a back room where his measurements are taken by the adept hands of a master tailor. This is the mainstream perception of bespoke tailoring and as fanciful as it seems it’s not completely wrong. Continue reading

What Is ALARA Lagos Annual Revenue Or Are They In Debt?

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So if you are part of my gang of Instagram admirers (#stalkers) of The Polo Avenue handle, by now you would have gotten used to seeing scandals with N800,000 prices tags, sunglasses and belts that cost half a Million Naira and so on.  The Polo Avenue website might be an empty shell of some sought, really have no words to describe the front end of the site but they only stock few designers mostly foreign and definitely no Nigerian designer, so obliviously the carter to few clients and have a small profit margin compared to bigger guys like ALARA.  Continue reading

Three New ‘Harry Potter’ Stories from J.K. Rowling Coming This Autumn


We're Getting Three New 'Harry Potter' Stories from J.K. Rowling This AutumnIn 2007, many Harry Potter fans were prepared for the final book to be “The End,” even with the series’ author, J.K. Rowling, stating the story would conclude with book seven, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Since then we have seen a number of stories on the companion website Pottermore, a real-life version of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, an upcoming Potter-world film trilogy Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and a new play titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The later was not written by Rowling herself, but the script turned novel was released this past July.

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4 Pictures to prove that Sunday service is the biggest fashion event in Nigeria


I maybe trying to call myself a fashion blogger (lmao) outside the four corners of my parents house, but my all seeing mum knows that I can bring out an old cloth from the laundry basket, wear it and go out without ironing it (big shame).  The only difference for me during sunday service is that the clothes i would wear (hardly go for service) is that, it would be clean. Even when I was the 2016 African Fashion Week Nigeria, I wore the same clothes for three days!   Continue reading

Tale of An African Booty Scratcher | By Emmanuel “Rambo” Afrifa

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*I scratch behind my leg*

My name is Moses Manu, and I’ve been called an “African Booty Scratcher” since I was in 2nd grade. I never knew what an African Booty Scratcher meant or where it came from. I always assumed it was an ignorant term confused, uninformed, and/or self-hating black kids and Latino children placed on children of African immigrants such as myself…

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How To Rob A Bank

how to rob a bank

First of all don’t do it…

Robbing a bank is like expecting to be thrown in jail for the rest of your life with no ease. But if you are still interested in doing it, and you feel that your life has the value of the Nigerian currency or better still the value of money in south sudan, then here are some tips to not getting caught but ending up in jail:  Continue reading

Fashion Alert! Gbenro Ajibade Covers Reloaded Magazine He Shows Off his Abs, Talks Hollywood Offers & Marriage to Osas

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Actor Gbenro Ajibade makes history as the first actor to cover this month’s edition of Reloaded Magazine, titled ‘The 007 Issue’.

He talks about his 2016 plans – he’s been getting offers from Hollywood, and reflects on his relationship with fellow actor Osas Ajibade nee Ighodaro – he considers marriage is integral – “marriage is what every man must do on this earth”. Continue reading

Hola By Nwoko Alexandre

Turn off the lights please; my world feels like it’s exploding, the last thing I will want is for my heart to explode. Got this girl whose light shines so bright that it illuminates mine.

Being a player ain’t shit, but the last thing I would want is to be that father who’s got no respect from his family. Who don’t bring nothing to the table, who’s got nothing but dick to offer. She said she wants to blow, to be famous, to erase the tears of her momma’s cheeks. She said she feels like everything’s gonna be alright. But sometimes the stress weighs her down, and before you know it she goes down the lain, gets on the low, and then her lights gets turned off, like a giant cloud coming up on your sun.  Continue reading

Fiston Mwanza Mujila Bagged The Etisalat Book Prize For ‘Tram83’ – Read An Excerpt

Acclaimed newcomer Fiston Mwanza Mujila has dazzled the literary world with his debut novel, a riotous look at the underbelly of life rarely featured in sub-saharan African literature.

Set in a bar in an unnamed Congolese mining town, Tram 83 follows poet Lucien and his escapades with a cast of writers, drunkards, drug dealers and dreamers.

Published in English by Jacaranda Press and translated by Roland Glasser, Mujila’s novel has been described by the Rumpus as a tale that “delights in absurdities” and extracts “epic poetry from violence, despair and distraction”. Continue reading

-A letter to whoever comes across it- by mos

Where can we find our wealth? Under their carpets
Inflation on this goods suck our wallets in the market
We’re far from our leaders, only see them through imported gadgets
Nothing is going on well, i pray about that in the chapel
Seems like our economy has tasted the apple
From worst to something else, then the crumbling of the castle
Leakages were never blocked,  and you say you care for your people
Offices turn them to god’s, doing no good but increased evil
Growing in the slums,  poverty doesn’t make it any peaceful
Hunger make brothers beef, while in your house animals bleed
We keep fighting with sticks, while they reserve for themselves steel
Don’t forget it’s our money, you guys share when you steal
Dasuki is their front man, make sure you check his ceiling
This thing makes me bother, if they wanted our kidnapped sisters free.
55 years after the white man is gone, corruption leaves us lost
Politicians ain’t no better than the youths who pick up guns
I wish they could go away or be washed away by the flood
Nigeria needs cleansing, i’m not sure Buhari is the storm.
Before i die, let me make a wish, please lock these thieves up.
yours outspoken Mos

Photos: Bisi Alimi and his partner shop for wedding rings

Popular Nigerian gay rights activist Bisi Alimi,who fled the country to europe to save his life was seen with his gay partner in South Africa shopping for their wedding ring today.  Hmm, will the wedding be in Nigeria or somewhere closer to Nigeria other than South Africa?  I smell something cooking.   #HappySunday guys  #HateMonday

NEKOJA by Nwoko Alexandre A Must Read!!

So what’s the point to be born when you are going to die? To love when u going to be heartbroken, to give when you are not going to get anything in return, to laugh then cry afterwards, to sacrifice then be sacrificed, to be loyal then have snitches surround you. The world is owned by the devil, and soon enough the world would end. What we going to tell the One who sent us? The One who sacrificed his son to save our soul only for us to sell our souls to the devil he saved us from, for a very cheap price? Why do people suffer to the point of doing anything to survive, why is hardship on the increase? Why is it increasingly getting harder to survive in this world of ours?

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Nigerian Writers Award : My Trip to Lagos

nigerian writers awards

This is me, Queen a fellow writer and a winner and his wife

Yeah! I am finally back from my fur nights trip to Lagos State, Nigeria!

First off the trip was an internet hell or i think that’s how hell would be like with no to the internet. I was unable to unable blog fully on all social media and the feeling was killing. So yes I missed you guys like die!

Side gist: YES! Smart WEB the number one website hosting platform in Nigeria is now been advertised on!

I travelled to lagos to attend the Nigerian writers Awards which was nominated for the blog writer of the year. So while missing some ongoing lectures at the University of Jos, I was busy entering buses and tricycles from Marina to Ikeja, to Ikotun to Hard Rock Cafe at the Landmark center while eating Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers, cheap roadside foods and adorning the coolest clothes from Jah Collections (my inner shirt was from JAH).
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Inside Dambazau’s shoes By Reuben Abati

“See what your friends are writing”


“Your fellow columnists. See how they are attacking the Minister of Interior, General Abdulrahman Dambazau, just because an orderly helped to shine his shoes in public.”

“I really don’t see what the hoopla is all about”

“Me too”

“I think many of our people just like to talk about shoes. For five years, Nigerians kept talking about how former President Goodluck Jonathan had no shoes as a child.”

“But he was the one that started it. Last week or so, the former President was again talking about shoes. In America.”

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Eye Open Shut by Lohman Japheth




In 1999 when the People’s Democratic Party immersed into power, the Nigerian people concored to the new and seemingly unsinkable agenda of the party.with president Obasanjo, Nigeria’s former head of state, Nigeria began a slow and deliberate transformation into civil life.

Now seventeen years down the democratic tunnel with the PDP shouting “power to the people “while being flushed down the drain, Nigeria is yet to get the gist. With oil prices at a high $140.00 in 2013 compared to $30.00 in 2016, world economies are bracing up for economical bad weather. Nigeria has invested huge amount of resources on the sectors of economy to boost its G.D.P and create jobs sadly, over 60 million Nigerians are finding it difficult to obtain a job with ease. The injection of programs like the sure-p which was intended to relief the programmes in effect create jobs proved fruitless and increased tension and frustration in the inability of the scheme to cushion job seekers earnings.

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A day with Grace Jerry – Inclusive Friends (Part 2)

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This is the concluding part of the exclusive interview with Jtown Top personality number one by Mattthewtegha, click here to see the first one.

Grace Jerry is a disability rights advocate, Peace promoter and music artiste working to create an inclusive world where everyone counts. Within the last few years Grace has brought freshness to advocacy efforts in Nigeria through her unique blend of passion and music bringing prominence to the important roles Persons with disabilities can play in National development.


HOW TO WRITE: write for the love of writing

Since as long as I could remember I have always loved writing, always trying to be that god who got people to read his creativity to others, which brought happiness however temporary or permanent.

From writing on pieces of paper torn out of my primary school books to writing on a laptop while covered in blanket shielding myself from the cold windy night/morning. During my primary school days I used to write my own stories and they were beautiful with an ease of simplicity, written on beautifully cut off sugar papers designed with markers and crayons of all the colors of the rainbow.  To me they were spell bounding and Nobel worthy but to some others, they were just a child’s replica of “Chike and the River” (written by the great Chinua Achebe), riddle with grammatical errors, punctuation errors, wrong syntax , wrong word play and the most disheartening of all lack of encouragement from the readers, the adults, the so called professionals.

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Dinner With A Mentor – Kai Orga


I had a great time yesterday with some amazing people in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria, at the “Dinner With A Mentor” event that took place on the 6th of January,  2016.  The venue was Southern Fried Chicken eatery.

So basically “Dinner With A Mentor” is an inspirational movement that seeks to empower the youths on how to go ahead with life while tackling all the difficulties one faces on the road to success. It tries to encourage the “you can do” mentality amongst our youths of today.  And this brings me to the question, how many of you out there have a Ten year plan?  Hmmm, better get a pen and start writing!

The event was so successful, that I am very certained I gain N10 Million in knowledge, but I won’t tell what I learnt instead you can read the profile the Mentor for yesterday’s program. Continue reading