How To Grow Your Business With HashTags

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Hashtags make your tweets more searchable within Twitter, which leads to more followers.  However, using hashtags and learning how to use them effectively is important for building your business, growing your targeted followers, and increasing the reach and lifespan of your tweets. Continue reading

Cargo Space Challenge The Latest Tech Innovation From Plateau State, Nigeria

Cargo space challenge

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Cargo Space Challenge is a platform that brings together software engineers, developers, hobbyist from various companies, hubs, bedrooms to solve simple algorithmic challenges for 30mins every 2.5hrs of everyday with rewards such as tees, hosting, domain names, conference passes, flight tickets and various coupons developers would kill for continuously made available by sponsors currently Logical Address, nHub and Young Innovators of Nigeria (YIN). Continue reading

Best Companies To Work For In Nigeria

You guys need to see the 1000 km distance between Konga and Jumia lol!  Jobberman has released its 3rd Annual Best 100 Companies To Work For in Nigeria for the year 2016, the list is focused on identifying, recognizing and celebrating top employers in Nigeria, as rated by employees and professionals. This was done through an online survey that garnered a total of 2013 valid responses. The survey also captured questions on work experience, salary parameters, and working conditions.   Continue reading

Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Is Here

Well not entirely true, the season 7 poster for the riveting war troubled series Game Of Thrones, is out! And it seems like fire and ice will having some sought rare one in a lifetime reunion or will ice finally take out the ever burning fire? Questions questions questions, I we all have to wait, see, and tweet.  Continue reading

Kemen Accused Of Rape/Sexual Assualt Towards Tboos On Big Brother Naija

Nigerians No Means No!  Kemen the horny master has been disqualified from the Big Brother Naija house.
His disqualification was a long time coming, first he was alleged to have accused Miyonsie of been gay and now an incident last night in bed with TBoss.

It appears as though Kemen touched TBoss inappropriately while she was asleep. Continue reading

5 Basic SEO TIps For WordPress

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If you do not know of wordpress by now, then you need to give your life to the most high!  Basically this are SEO tips that can work with any platform, you need to think a little, google a little bit more but do much more.  A reader who reads and does not write is not a reader…  Se the tips below  Continue reading

Someone Sued MTN Over Caller Tunes Got Awarded N500,000.

I can hear my dad, shouting finally lol.  But if you have the time and money, you just might be the next person to receive a significant sum of money, and with this South Africa xenophobia stuff going on I think judges will not be too friendly with MTN.  According to Vanguard, a Mr. Oluwole Aluko was awarded N500,000 against MTN. Continue reading

#BBNaija ThinTallTony Kisses TBoss the Morning After Bisola’s Fake Eviction

It seems like Big Brother Naija Housemate ThinTallTony has swiftly moved on from Bisola, whom he thinks is out of the game following her fake eviction yesterday, to TBoss.

Last night, Bisola and Bally were asked to leave the house, but in a twist Big Brother actually took them to a secluded part of the house where they will be on vacation for some days since they both won immunity from this week’s eviction. Continue reading


MAC Tropic Cool Times Nine Eyeshadow x 9 Palette

Cosmetics brand, MAC is set to debut four new, limited edition variations of MAC Eyeshadow x 9 Palettes for only $32 (each) on the 2nd of March 2017.

The brand features quite a number of colors in each palette including nude, red, dark purple, blue and yellow. Judging by the photos, beauty enthusiasts will definitely love to have one or more of these amazing palettes in their possession. Continue reading


The wait is finally over, DPERecords Label is back with an unannounced compilation project of her artistes titled “The Unserious Project”(Inspired by 3Kings #SoulTrap Vol. 2).

“The Unserious Project” is a compilation of strong, diverse and indisputably hip hop songs with both international and mainstream appeal and the essence of hip hop: solid beats, dope rhymes and relatable content. Continue reading

What To Know About The Nigerian Whistleblowing Portal


Now, Whistleblowers can submit any tip they have against a ministry, department or agency of the Nigerian government at Offenses that can be submitted include fraud, mismanagement of public funds and assets, violation of financial regulations, the collection of bribes, manipulating data and records and any other form of corruption involving government funds and assets. Continue reading

How to Watch Big Brother Naija 2017 Online 24/7 With Your Smartphone Free of Charge

Big Brother Nigeria is the hottest show in town (more like lagos only and south africa, lol). This is one show that keeps Africans glued to their TV for hours in anticipation of what the housemates will do next. Continue reading

Why You Need To Uninstall Your Antivirus Except Microsoft

If you own a Windows laptop, Robert O’Callahan, a former Firefox developer believes that you should uninstall your antivirus software immediately.

ccording to him:

AV products poison the software ecosystem because their invasive and poorly-implemented code makes it difficult for browser vendors and other developers to improve their own security.

What’s really insidious is that it’s hard for software vendors to speak out about these problems because they need cooperation from the AV vendors (except for Google, lately, maybe). Users have been fooled into associating AV vendors with security.

In other words, the disadvantages of using an Antivirus software outweighs the advantages.

This got me thinking about my University days, where Windows laptop was the main deal and viruses were as popular as Chelsea bread (Only Covenant University students can understand ‘Chelsea bread’). Would my laptop have survived without an antivirus?

However, that was the Windows 7 days, now, Windows 10’s built-in Windows Defender does a pretty good job at keeping you safe, provided you are cautious with your online activities e.g. Avoid downloading torrents, surfing porn sites, or clicking untrusted links.

Other than that, I would recommend adding a layer of defense that does not clash with the use of Windows Defender (For example, Malwarebytes). By having a 2nd layer of defense, threats not detected by Windows Defender may be detected by the 2nd layer.

Lastly, your PC needs to be up-to-date. So those with Windows 7 or God forbid, Windows XP PCs should stick to their Antivirus software until they upgrade.

Is Airtel Leaving Nigeria And Africa As A Whole

The report via Bloomberg claims that Airtel “is considering mergers or stake sales at some of its Africa operations as it looks to cut debt and make its biggest overseas acquisition profitable.” Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr. Mittal, the chairman of Bharti Airtel, said this process would be completed within a year and would affect some of Bharti’s businesses in 15 African nations, including Nigeria. Continue reading

How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

recharge cardEverybody in Nigeria likes a trend! Well, starting recharge card printing business is not rocket science. You only have to put some things in place and have a reliable recharge card dealer in Nigeria that will be supplying you ePins and you are in for business, and if it were that easy all of us would be Globacom by now.  Marketing, the most dreaded job on a earth, but if you know it and like it; all successful CEO’s in the Fortune 500 know like the back of their hand. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Leaked Photos

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Leak

Earlier this January, a report by Business Korea entailed that Samsung’s upcoming Note 8 phablet will presumably launch this year and may feature a slew of impeccable features such as a 4K resolution display. This time around, alleged photos of the the South Korean tech conglomerate’s impending S8 Edge have surfaced, offering a clean-cut look a the anticipated handset. Online e-tailer for cellphone accessories, Mobile Fun, has released a series of visuals touting ultra-thin cases for the aforesaid smartphone. Continue reading