How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

recharge cardEverybody in Nigeria likes a trend! Well, starting recharge card printing business is not rocket science. You only have to put some things in place and have a reliable recharge card dealer in Nigeria that will be supplying you ePins and you are in for business, and if it were that easy all of us would be Globacom by now.  Marketing, the most dreaded job on a earth, but if you know it and like it; all successful CEO’s in the Fortune 500 know like the back of their hand. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Leaked Photos

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Leak

Earlier this January, a report by Business Korea entailed that Samsung’s upcoming Note 8 phablet will presumably launch this year and may feature a slew of impeccable features such as a 4K resolution display. This time around, alleged photos of the the South Korean tech conglomerate’s impending S8 Edge have surfaced, offering a clean-cut look a the anticipated handset. Online e-tailer for cellphone accessories, Mobile Fun, has released a series of visuals touting ultra-thin cases for the aforesaid smartphone. Continue reading

Chelsea F.C.’s New Stadium Is Estimated to Cost More Than Half a Billion USD

Chelsea FC The Blues Blue Lions New Stadium

Hammersmith and Fulham council’s planning committee has approved Chelsea Football Club’s new stadium. Inspired by Gothic architecture and nearby Victorian-era design, the beauty which The Blues hope to one day call home is the brainchild of Herzog & de Meuron and is projected to finish in 2020 at the tune of £500 million GBP (~$610 million USD). Continue reading

Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour Becomes Highest Grossing Hip-Hop Tour Ever

drake summer sixteen tour concert performance stage mic rapping

2016 was a year of breaking records for Drake. Most recently, he tied Lil Wayne’s record for the most Billboard Hot 100 entries of any solo artist, but he also became the first person to record 1 billion streams for a song as well as an album. Aubrey’s impressive streak continues into 2017 as it was just announced that his Summer Sixteen Tour with Atlanta rapper Future became the highest grossing hip-hop/rap tour ever, tallying nearly $85 million USD over 54 shows between July and October. This figure would be much higher if it wasn’t for Drake having to cancel some shows due to an ankle injury. Continue reading

How To Get Married In 2017

how to get maried in 2017 I know a lot of people want to get the diamond rings givers of their dreams and the diamond ring receivers of their dreams and according to social media some people lack the certain knowledge on how to go about this intriguing dilemma.  According to the single girls pray that is currently trending on Youtube, the struggle is real and make up money and bella naija weddings are not helping out at all. We keep on gettings beautiful ideas on how we could visualize the wedding of our dreams, like walking down the aisle of sistine chapel, having Beyonce as your singer while Drake choreograph your dance routine etc.  But no perfect solution to solve the shortage of good prospects since most are either gay or married.  Continue reading

See beautiful leaked Photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Samsung Note 7, the baddest phone that ever burnt!  I do what wonder what it feels like to be working at the headquarters of Samsung right, everyone working on egg shells?  The world is mockingly waiting for Samsung big comeback device , which according to non reliable news might be launched in February or the middle of April.   Continue reading

Nigeria Internet Users Drop to 92.4m in November.

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According to the latest data from NCC, the number of Internet subscribers in Nigeria has reduced to 92,416,378 in November .   The data also showed that GSM service providers lost 759,683 internet users in November.  MTN still leads with 32,017,779 subscribers, they lost 447,000 subscribers. Continue reading


Yeah you guessed it!  It’s a global film but black americans are going to make it a black thing! With phrases like finally a global film with a powerful cast as black as the eye could see!  The Black Panther cast is so black that I fear they are going to make it into a race in oppression theme…  Black Panther has been an important character in the Marvel universe for 50 years. He is the king of the technologically-advanced nation of Wakanda, and Panther has served as a member of the Avengers in addition to his many solo adventures. Continue reading

The Truth About Joining The Start-Up Trend In 2017

It has been statistically proven that most of you will die within the next coming months, but nevertheless we all must face death at one point in time…

Joining the startup trend even if you have the passion for it does not mean you will be listed in the fortune 500 before this year runs out or in the next ten years to come, you might as well quite your facebook wanna be dream, dust off your certificates and go look for a decent job.  Every entrepreneur who has successfully convinced himself to be a dropout from the school of normal employment should ask himself/herself this “are you earning more as an entrepreneur than someone who is been paid to work ?  Continue reading

An Electric Car Reverse Park Itself Into an Empty Spot

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, electric vehicle company Faraday Future debuted its first production model car the FF 91. The electric sedan impressed audiences with its “driverless valet” system which automatically located an empty parking spot and seamlessly backed itself into it. The intelligent electric vehicle will also boast Formula One acceleration, the ability to adapt to the driver, and even unlock itself via facial recognition. The FF 91 is expected to go into production in 2018, but you can register now on the company website to reserve the vehicle for a deposit of $5,000 USD.

UPDATE: Soulja Boy Did Not Get Robbed in Instagram Live Video

Soldiers Reveal why they Protested in Sambisa – “There’s no food to eat…. no water to drink, nothing”

Mid-December 2016, soldiers of the 21 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, deployed to Sambisa forest to deal a final blow to Boko haram terrorists went berserk, firing shots into all directions, threatening to kill any officer that stood on their way.

“The brigade is based in Bama but is currently deployed at Bula Bello in Sambisa for Operation Rescue Final. But suddenly soldiers started mutinying at 6AM today, firing in all directions and threatening to pull out of the operation. Continue reading

TV Fairy GodMother To The Gays… Funmi Iyanda shares the story of helping her HIV Positive Friend Come out of the Closet

Funmi Iyanda && Akin

Renowned TV personality Funmi Iyanda shared a powerful story today on her Medium page as she talks about her friend, Akin, who after 51 years is ready to come out of the closet – even though he never particularly tried to hide his sexuality (so basically, people around already know ).


Her post, simply called “For Akin…on bravery, honesty and thriving”, is such an interesting read and it is in three short parts. Continue reading

‘2nd-highest annual earner in her family’ – Kylie Jenner named on Forbes’ illustrious 30 Under 30 list

19-year-old Reality TV star, Kylie Jenner has been named on Forbes’ illustrious 30 under 30 list. She’s the youngest person and only teenager to be named in the Retail and Ecommerce category for 2017. She secured her a spot on the list because she’s the founder of Kylie Cosmetics.


Continue reading

Here Are the Most Pirated Movies and TV Shows of 2016

To start off 2017, Torrent Freak recently released lists ranking the most pirated movies and tv-shows of 2016. The lists, compiled the most-torrented films and TV shows of the year using download stats from public BitTorrent trackers. Although the lists seem quite accurate some notable surprises appear on the most pirated films list. Continue reading

Hear Tyga and Kanye West’s New Track “Feel Me”

Tyga unveils a new song featuring none other than Kanye West, titled “Feel Me.” This is the first big project we’ve heard from Kanye, following his unexpected European tour cancellation and surprise meeting with Donald Trump. In his verse, he addresses the rumors surrounding his mental health as he quotes, “Who you tryna get crazy with, don’t you know I’m loco?” Continue reading

Listen to Chris Brown’s New Track “Dat Night” Featuring Young Thug & Trey Songz

Chris Brown has blessed the people on the last day of 2016 with a hot new track. Titled “Dat Night,” the singer holds no punches spitting bars along with the likes of Trey Songz and Young Thug. Trey handles most of the singing, while Breezy joins Thugger with the rapping. Brown is set to release his eighth studio album Heartbreak on a Full Moon sometime in 2017. This collective may be the last thing you’d expect this year, but give Chris Brown’s “Dat Night” a listen below. Continue reading