Managvis: Learn Digital Marketing And Web Development

Ever considering a career in Digital Marketing? Ever wanted to learn how to design and development a website? Ever thought of developing a mobile application? Well… Managvis Training Academy is glad to introduce its Digital Marketing, Web Development and Mobile App Development training to you! Continue reading

Would You Buy The Nokia 3310 For This Price

The Nokia 3310 is already available in Nigeria. I haven’t been to the famous Computer village to inquire about the price ( I live in Jos and not lagos), but there are a couple of online stores in Nigeria advertising  them already.   And I am just to lazy to go to Konga or jumia right now to verify, laptop issues.   But the little birds are saying it is going for Continue reading

‘Wonder Woman’ $100 million box office is the best opening for a female director

Wonder Woman banked an estimated $100.5 million in domestic ticket sales, making it the largest-ever opening for a film directed by a woman — that’s Jenkins. It’s also the most critically acclaimed DC Extended Universe to date by a wide margin, with a “fresh” rating that almost exceeds the combined “rotten” ratings of its three predecessors. Continue reading

Ethiopia Shuts Down the Country’s Internet to Beat Exam Leaks

Image result for Ethiopia Shuts Down the Country’s Internet to Beat Exam Leaks

When it comes to cheating, the school authorities preventive measures just makes the students more advance in the special craft of exam malpractice! Teachers check to see if the answers have been scribbled on parts of their body/Math set/calculator/four figure table while others collect their phones— but one country has taken an extreme approach by completely shutting down the country’s internet in a bid to keep students from cheating. Continue reading

A New Linux Launcher For Android Is In Town

  Linux CLI Launcher- screenshot

Just saw on Miss Techy a new Linux launcher and i was wondering whats the big deal. Until I took a closer look, who here is a Mr Robot (season one) or any CIA based films.  Remember when the use their phone to hack networks. This is the app, well not really the app but something like it.  Linux CLI Launcher, a launcher that transforms your Android into a command prompt/terminal window where you will need to type out commands to operate your Android device.  In case you are wondering, that is all there is to it— no app drawer, no icons, just a plain old terminal window.  Continue reading