What I Wore The Monochrome Tunic

13102867_681950785240889_4886352026922219024_n Ok by now you guys should know that I am a pretty hardworking lazy fella whose best pastime is sleeping!

Finally guys I went to the fashion hospital and they gave me a botox to cure sorry to temporarily reduce my laziness, so that I could actually do something!   I basically grab my other lazy brother from his bed, grabbed my dad’s shirt and my mom’s jalabila/tunic (hmm funny spelling) and some cool sneakers to do this shoot.  Guess what after the shoot I couldn’t even upload it, I was too lazy again making you guys to wait two whole days. I NEED A DOCTOR!

The shoot was inspired from my current frustration with Orange Culture and my bittersweet relation with black and white.  See more below…

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Get The Look | A Night At The Museum


Did he take an avant grade picture with an Ice cream bicycle man?  Oh yeah he did, and while you are busy contemplating and fixating on the sheer awesomeness of it, I am simply enjoying my cream full of Ice! lol

So I have embarked on a journey of self love to find peace and love , (oh yeah  I too watched Eat, love and Pray lol) as cheesy as that may sound, it really does help a lot to improve one’s general well being especially when creepy people hang around you like vultures preying on a lion.  Why don’t you feel comfortable in your own skin when others are out there enjoying themselves?   I know, the question might be a little too complex to answer but as someone who is trying to make the best of what life has to offer, I say grab that attitude by your door side and tell the negativity in hallway a very loud but elegant  BI**h Please!   The world is your stage, so write and showcase your plays! Continue reading

Get The Look | Style 101


Finally! I got the chance to upload this pictures I took last week sporting on clothes from JAH collections.  Its has just been a little crazy around here lately fighting and warding off evil spirits is no joke! Lol don’t mind me, I come from the land of JUJU, as said by a Ugandan comedian during the 2016 AMVCA that took place last week. That was so awkward and mind blowing awesome at the same time!

And talking about the AMVCA, I did a little fashion review of what our Nigerian and South African celebs wore (see here).  Continue reading

What I wore – JAH Collections (Denim)

fashion , menswear

I remember when I was in Lagos city trekking my way from my hotel in Marina to Hard Rock Cafe in Water corporation, trekking due to the heavy traffic caused by 2016 Lagos Marathon.  My sweat pores were begging me to take a break! lol

This is a denim look that I have been trying to do all this while and I have finally got it right, to achieve this look you have to firstly buy the clothes from JAH collection and secondly never wear the same shades of denim head to toes, that is just wrong! Make sure the fit you well and be 100% certain that you feel confident in the clothes, if not you are just a dead walking. See more pics below…

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Nigerian Writers Award : My Trip to Lagos

nigerian writers awards

This is me, Queen a fellow writer and a winner and his wife

Yeah! I am finally back from my fur nights trip to Lagos State, Nigeria!

First off the trip was an internet hell or i think that’s how hell would be like with no to the internet. I was unable to unable blog fully on all social media and the feeling was killing. So yes I missed you guys like die!

Side gist: YES! Smart WEB the number one website hosting platform in Nigeria is now been advertised on awomkenneth.com!

I travelled to lagos to attend the Nigerian writers Awards which Awomkenneth.com was nominated for the blog writer of the year. So while missing some ongoing lectures at the University of Jos, I was busy entering buses and tricycles from Marina to Ikeja, to Ikotun to Hard Rock Cafe at the Landmark center while eating Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers, cheap roadside foods and adorning the coolest clothes from Jah Collections (my inner shirt was from JAH).
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What I wore Today – From JAH Collections

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When I am about to start something or about to a business deal with someone older than me, the fear that grips me is unexplainable? I will be all boldacious and fearless walking up to that moments but when it’s time to start, Mr self doubt comes knocking at my door like a Nigerian tax collector.

In Other words the success or failure of whatever you are doing is up to you and nobody else. Be wise.

Fashion is like an  unspoken language but speaking the menswear version of that language has been difficult, but are we trying to perfect that. Today’s outfits are from JAH collections, and the photography was by @i_kyube.

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What I wore Today

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When you are leaving in Plateau State, Nigeria and you are sick and tired of the cold/harmattan/heat, you turn on the TV and see the snow in the US #ThankGod for the weather.

Today’s was inspired by the funny weather conditions in Jos city, the outfit was styled to keep you warm during the spiky cold periods but cool enough to not make you sweat when the heat comes back (yes, the weather in Jos fluctuates like it is been controlled by a remote). See more below…

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