What We Offer.

Responsive Display Advertising

a. Backdrop (1040 x 768 pixels), a unique and fully-branded site background takeover that will make the competition envious.

b. Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels) – Above the fold, a dominant ad, at the top right near the logo, appears on all pages, but not on the mobile site.

c. Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels) – Below the fold, a dominant ad, below the slider content on the homepage, appears in two possible spots on the homepage and on the mobile site.

d. Side banner (250 x 250 pixels), a bold ad spot, by the left or right side, appears on all the pages and on our mobile site.

e. Skyscraper banner (120 x 600 pixels), an elegant ad spot on the article pages, appears on all articles.

Note: Pricing for banner ads starts from N150,000 ($500) per month, but are subsidised for start-ups at 50% off each banner ad space. Also, we do not enter into affiliate marketing programmes.

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Sponsored Content

Sponsored content featured on, are usually in the form of an article (400 – 800 words), photo or video-related content about a product, service, industry, trend or topic offers advertisers the opportunity to increase their brand’s visibility .

The content is then shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages at least three times per week over a one-month period. Depending on the budget, it may also be given a wider reach on Facebook and Twitter for a one-month duration at an additional cost.

Sponsored content cost N40,000 per content.



What We Have.

Passionate Audiences




Quality Content

Our quality content across topics such as tech and fashion, lifestyle, social media and entertainment.



For more information on all our advertising and sponsorship opportunities, kindly send an email to


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