Asgardia: the world’s first space Country

Virgin Galactic, headed by British tycoon Richard Branson, is racing to become the first major private space tourism company. In 2016, it unveiled the SpaceShipTwo, envisioned to travel 50 miles above the earth's surface. No flying dates have been set, however.
Where is the vatican, some questions need to be answered, by who? Well that’s what we have to fine out.
Named after a Norse mythological city of the skies, Asgardia is open to all residents on planet earth and it doesn’t cost anything to join.
Russian scientist Dr Igor Ashurbeyli announced his plans to form the world’s first independent nation that operates in outer space in October 2016. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have signed up to be citizens.

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Why They Are Leaving Nigeria — To Create Hope

From my immediate University clique, another person is leaving Nigeria for America at the end of this month, with her family of three. Virtually every month for the last two years, I’ve gone to visit one person or the other who was making a similar move. In fact, one of them did this spreadsheet to show justify with numbers why he was moving his family to UK while remaining here to work until he made up his mind whether he would up and leave to join them as well. Continue reading

Learn Digital Marketing And Web Development At Managvis

Ever considering a career in Digital Marketing? Ever wanted to learn how to design and development a website? Ever thought of developing a mobile application? Well… Managvis Training Academy is glad to introduce its Digital Marketing, Web Development and Mobile App Development training to you! Continue reading

2017 International Fathers Day Celebration organised by The GoodFathers Foundation


The Goodfathers foundation is a non-profit/governmental organisation with focus on promoting ideals that contribute to moulding good fathers, and supporting/celebrating men with excellent fatherly characteristics in our society. We also encourage future fathers to aim for excellence, as this is critical to the smooth running of society. Continue reading


Raf Simons at the 2017 CFDA Awards. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Raf Simons at the 2017 CFDA Awards. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Raf Simons is now a certified legend! Thanks to his time at Calvin Klein.

The Belgian-born, New York City-based designer, who’s been leading the American fashion house for a little less than a year, was awarded both Menswear and Womenswear Designer of the Year. Continue reading

Would You Buy The Nokia 3310 For This Price

The Nokia 3310 is already available in Nigeria. I haven’t been to the famous Computer village to inquire about the price ( I live in Jos and not lagos), but there are a couple of online stores in Nigeria advertising  them already.   And I am just to lazy to go to Konga or jumia right now to verify, laptop issues.   But the little birds are saying it is going for Continue reading

Fashion Alert! Amazing Nigerian Made Bow Ties And Lapel Pins From Versix Accessories

Versix Accessories is a Nigerian brand, out of the famous Benue State. Its a brand that creates beautiful accessorizes that provide a certain uniqueness to your outfit.  And today we are privilege to show you some of their hand made Lapel pins and bow ties, with emphasizes on #MadeInNigeria.   If you ever find your self in need of accessories remember to patronize Versix Accessories.  Continue reading