34! Beyonce rocks the 2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival

Beyonce Headlines Made in America Festival

Damn, Girl! slay them mother fleekers!

Beyoncé, who recently celebrated her 34th birthday just a day ago, showed thee whole world that she is truly a hustler #Empire!                         The singer’s headlining performance at the sold out 2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival at Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday,  a two-day festival which drew a huge crowd and featured performances of many of the chart-topping hits from her 2013 surprise album and throughout her career, was totally awesome! Continue reading

EVENTS: Jos Meets A Field Of Echoes

Again and again I live every moment
orchestral and whole as the song of waters
we are not comatose music notes on a sheet
but live as melody, all kinds we evoke
wrapped in the enchanting sheet of memory,
our hearts beat and our souls buzz with them
the way bees sing with a heart filled with honey
and I love you….. Chijioke Amunnadi

Join the Custodians of African Literature as #Jos Resonates with A Field of Echoes, the event will be taking place at Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. Its going to be event of the month in the literature society and well respected poets, essayist and writers alike in their own rights will also be there!  So better grab your wallets and come!  Continue reading

BEY DAY! Happy B Day Beyonce

beyonce - awomkenneth.com

Today has been official and unofficially declared the “BEY DAY”, or that’s what I hear. One thing is certain, today is the birthday of Queen mother Beyonce!  Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter also known as Queen Bey is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Born and raised in Houston, Texas.

If know Beyonce then you definitely know about the covert and powerful social group called “The BeeHive”, known for their undying support and loyalty to the Queen mother.  And we from Awomkenneth.com wish you a beautiful birthday!

See more people sending their love and shout out to Queen Bey! Continue reading

Guatemalan ex-president in court after resigning

Guatemala's President Otto Perez Molina looks out from behind a podium during his press conference in Guatemala City on 31 August, 2015

Guatemala City (AFP) – Guatemalan ex-president Otto Perez appeared in court Thursday over corruption allegations, hours after he resigned following unprecedented protests that have upended the political scene three days from elections.  The conservative leader sent his resignation to Congress just before midnight Wednesday, after lawmakers voted unanimously to strip him of his presidential immunity — a first in Guatemalan history. Continue reading



Flee forth and back,I am the time racer
Haste with pride and heaven’s high
Soar with full career,I am the time tracer
Taste every bit of precious seconds,
I am the path finder…. who will be the cook?
Lick down the milky way,
Where loved ones disappear
Like the dark world’s deepest magic it shall
Lie on my childhood ,to know man’s gift
A sweet gift that must be wisely used
Every time must be accounted for
Sermon every soul to shake
I am the lyre’s dancer
Sing aloud every singing hymns
Because I tell you,time flies like fireflies……………
Conceal the july


Stephanie Linus Announced Ambassador For USAID & NDI “SVAWIE” Campaign

 Stephanie Linus & the Acting INEC Chairman Hajiya Amina Zakari

September seems to be a good month for A-list actress, producer and director Stephanie Linus. She has been announced as the Ambassador for the ‘Stop Violence Against Women In Elections’ Campaign by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI), a US-based International Agency, yesterday September 1st 2015. Continue reading

Pres. Buhari to provide One Meal a Day for Primary School Students


President Buhari of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria has been called many name including  “King Of The North”, lol, I laugh every time I heard that one. But is he really changing Nigeria? That’s left for you to answer…

Now on Tuesday the 1st of September 2015, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice-President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, revealed that President Buhari plans to give primary school children free meals.  That just makes me eager to go back to primary school again, only if they will be giving me shawamma, meat pie and ice cream, and they said Joseph was a dreamer!  The keyword to note here is “plans”, so there is equal chance that it might or might not happen, welcome to Nigeria. Continue reading

Racist!? Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams video is been criticized

The video for Taylor Swift's newest single 'Wildest Dreams' has been condemned for being 'racist' and based on a 'glamorous white colonial fantasy'

Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.  Yes guys it out! Its been only three days and has grossed over 16 million views! Ohh boy!  That’s a lot!

I personally have watched video, and what I can honestly say is that the music is really good, beautiful but very sad lyrics (just the way I like it), and lots of kissing I mean tongue on tongue lol, what do I know I wasn’t there…

And you are probably wondering why you are hearing this now, well don’t announced a new music video at an award show where Miley wears naked clothes and fights with Nicki, Justin cries and kanye announces his run for president, because your announcement will definitely be belittled. Continue reading

SHUT DOORS. By Patience Attah


A while ,We never saw each other,
Nor alter The Unknown Words ,
Because,Summer Gave that Space
And cast My loneliness to Winter
And fall….bit by bit…
But again,awoken up.
To feel Fire files in my Belly.
With countless strikes of lightening ,
Tasting of Melodious Thoughts :of my Grace .
O’ ye Patience:Nothing besides remains,
Of the Precious whom you love .
But can’t handle the Hemlock Load…
The weariness,the fever,and the fret ,
That covered my human, Continue reading

James Bond author says Idris Elba is ‘too street’ to Play the Spy and then…

Idris Elba for Maxim Magazine - BellaNaija - August2015003

See I don’t get why you say something you believe in and then go ahead to apologize, the apology is even worse than the initial statement. Anyway, a Bond author, Anthony Horowitz has revealed that he feels Elba is incapable of playing the bond character, saying that he was too “rough” and “street” for the role. In an interview with DailyMail he stated: Continue reading

Nigerian President or KING OF THE NORTH? by Femi Fani Kayode

I have never laughed like these in my life before ever! Remember Games of Thrones( King of the North!!).  The title of the article blew my socks off.. Read below…

As written by Femi Fani Kayode
“In 418 B.C. Herodotus, the Greek philosopher who is known as the ‘’father of history’’, said “a man who does not know anything about the events that took place before he or she was born will remain forever a child.’’ Not only was he right but one must go a step further by saying that those who refuse to learn from their history are condemned to repeating its mistakes. Continue reading

President Buhari’s Appointments is the ‘Northernisation of Nigeria’ says Ekiti State Governor

Buhari and Fayose

According to a press statement released from his office by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, President Buhari is taking steps towards a ‘Northernisation’ of Nigeria because the “appointments made by the President so far negate the principle of federal character and it appears the unity in diversity of Nigeria is being taken for granted by the President.” Continue reading

President Buhari congratulates D’Tigers, assures them of full support ahead of Olympics

Thanks guys you have made Nigeria proud!
Read the presidential press statement below
‘President Muhammadu Buhari congratulates the national men’s basketball team, D’Tigers, on their victory over Angola in yesterday’s final of the FIBA Africa Basketball Championship in Tunisia. President Buhari joins other sports-loving Nigerians in applauding D’Tigers’ exhilarating 74-65 victory over their Angolan opponents which also secured Nigeria’s qualification for the men’s basketball event at next year’s Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

Continue reading

VMA 2015 Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus live on the VMA stage

While accepting the award for Best Hip-Hop Video at tonight’s VMA 2015 Nicki Minaj held host Miley Cyrus accountable for comments she made in an interview with The New York Times on Thursday. Cyrus was asked about Minaj’s Twitter spat with Taylor Swift in July over this year’s crop of nominees.   Watch the video below…

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