Ethiopia Shuts Down the Country’s Internet to Beat Exam Leaks

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When it comes to cheating, the school authorities preventive measures just makes the students more advance in the special craft of exam malpractice! Teachers check to see if the answers have been scribbled on parts of their body/Math set/calculator/four figure table while others collect their phones— but one country has taken an extreme approach by completely shutting down the country’s internet in a bid to keep students from cheating. Continue reading

A New Linux Launcher For Android Is In Town

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Just saw on Miss Techy a new Linux launcher and i was wondering whats the big deal. Until I took a closer look, who here is a Mr Robot (season one) or any CIA based films.  Remember when the use their phone to hack networks. This is the app, well not really the app but something like it.  Linux CLI Launcher, a launcher that transforms your Android into a command prompt/terminal window where you will need to type out commands to operate your Android device.  In case you are wondering, that is all there is to it— no app drawer, no icons, just a plain old terminal window.  Continue reading

Tech Alert! Slot driver elopes with N5.95million worth of phones

One of the drivers of the popular Nigerian phone retail outlet, Slot Nigeria Limited, has been arrested by the operatives of Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command over the diversion of N5.95 million worth of laptops, mobile phones and its accessories, just as it assisted in the recovery of N4,654,224 worth of goods from the suspect. Continue reading

Muslim Teenage girl steps out looking stunning while covered up for her High School prom

It seems like American prom goers, have a new way to make the act of loaning and using credit cards more interesting. Kahlaa Salahuddin, an 18-year-old makeup artist in Philadelphia, US, stepped out for her senior prom in a fringed and embroidered silver gown with winged sleeves, paired with Christian Louboutin heels, a clutch and white headscarf. Continue reading

Don Jazzy Finds Love In Monaco

It seems like love is in Monaco.  Banky W’s engagement to Adesua Etomi a few weeks back, has lead Don Jazzy on a steady social media campaign to act in a movie with the ‘love’ of his life.  And he is currently looking for support form the on and only Mo Abudu . Continue reading

Bespoke Tailoring In Nigeria

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We all know the scene. A dapper middle aged man, strong, imposing and slightly graying enters a nondescript store: small but impeccably maintained and furnished. He’s greeted by an attendant who takes his coat and ushers him into a back room where his measurements are taken by the adept hands of a master tailor. This is the mainstream perception of bespoke tailoring and as fanciful as it seems it’s not completely wrong. Continue reading

Apple reportedly plans to perform 5G internet tests in Cupertino

Though 5G remains a somewhat nebulous concept because standards organizations have yet to formally classify it, the successor to LTE is broadly understood to be capable of gigabit speeds that rely on mmWave tech. Because mmWave transmits data at a higher frequency, and thus a smaller wavelength of between 30 GHz and 300 GHz, the technology is capable of reducing latency and expanding data transmission capacity. It also opens up possibilities for cutting down on antenna size and for packing more powerful multi-band antennas into a single device. Continue reading