nHub From Plateau State Hosts One Of Its StartUps At The 2016 West African Convergence Conference

west african convergence conference 2016 nigeria , nhub

Afe from nHub and Ernest from Logical Address (a startup from nHub)

Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, this wednesday is playing host to some of the top names in the ICT ecosystem at the 2016 West Africa Convergence Conference taking place at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Ikeja. WACC 2016 theme appropriately captures the essence of where we are and what we should seek out of Convergence. Lets “Engage, Regulate, Leverage, Live Convergence!” Says Greg K. Gbadamosi.  Continue reading

Men Fashion At The 2016 MTV MAMAs Falz In Pink Suit, Korede In Denim many more


The 2016 edition of the MTV MAMAs has kicked off in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the men fashion is on point! Falz in pinkish lavender suit, korede in a black gold denim jumper that could easily slide into a balmain collection. Ehiz looking fly as always and many more…

The event is being hosted by Yemi Alade, Bonang Matheba and Nomanzo Matheba. Continue reading

Rita Dominic arrives #TIFF16 in Denim and Chanel

Rita Dominic is finally in Toronto for the screening of the movie ’76 in which she stars.

The screen goddess was casually dressed in jeans with a long dark cape. She had her favourite Chanel bag slung on her shoulders. ’76 will be screened later today at the Isabel Bader theatre and is eligible to be selected for the Grolsch People’s Choice Awards.


ijk(Sponsored) MR & MISS TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS BRAIN BEAUTY PAGEANT is a non-profit Nigerian Students Pageant which is officially hosted by TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS NIGERIAN STUDENTS FORUM known by the Government.

MR & MISS TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS NIGERIA is a National Brain Beauty Pageant with the main mission of bringing beauty Queens & kings from different Tertiary Institutions in the Country in order to compete to become Queens & Kings whose going to give Strong message “PEACE” and also “UPLIFTING EDUCATION” in our great Country Nigeria. Continue reading

3 Brazilian Streetwear Brands You Should Know

With world’s attention mildly concentration at Rio due to the Olympics games, we are slowly getting suck into the colourful Brazilian atmosphere.  And here are some of the Brazilian Street wear brands making the latest street buzz.

Continue reading

List Of Easiest Gold Medals to Win at the Olympics

While writing this post I had my fellow Nigerian athletes at the back of my mind. We are totally supporting you guys out there representing the country like the champions you are!

So here are some few cheats to help you guys out lol… Winning gold alone at the Olympics is everything, Fiji basically shutdown their country to celebrate their victory.  And be a part of the games is without a doubt one of the most prestigious honors any athlete could have. There are approximately 1,000 medals up for grabs in Rio, but with more than 11,000 athletes taking part in the competition chances of bringing home gold, silver or bronze are pretty slim. Fox Sports came up with a list of the easiest (and hardest) Olympic gold medals to win if “you started training today.” Check out the rankings below (from easiest to hardest) and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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why Olympic athletes keep wearing that weird body tape

As the 2016 Summer Olympics get started, there’s lots to look forward to, including incredible feats of athleticism and stories about how well the city of Rio is or isn’t dealing with the influx of athletes and fans.

But if 2008 or 2012 offer any guide, we’ll also see athletes’ bodies covered in stripes of colourful tape – specifically, something called kinesiology tape or (more commonly) kinesio tape. So what is it, and why is it there? Continue reading

Menswear! Top 5 Looks From Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture – Autumn 2016

I want to wear everything here, especially those oversize pants and the white multi coloured tunic. Looking back at the just concluded haute couture week, these are my top 5 Looks from  the Dolce & Gabbana  Haute Couture – Autumn 2016. Continue reading

Menwears Alerts! J.W. Anderson 2017 Spring/Summer Collection


I need this jacket like Akara need N10 lol!  Guy this J.W Anderson spring 2017 jacket is a must have for me…

Jonathan “J.W.” Anderson took inspiration from his own childhood for his Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection. He first teased the collection on social media with a picture of the cover of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince to his Instagram account, a cryptic clue to his influences. Continue reading

In one year, Buhari/APC ruined Nigeria’s economy – Fayose


Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has lamented that in just one year of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government of President Mohammadu Buhari, the country’s economy was ruined so much that States could no longer pay workers’ salaries, millions of jobs were lost, prices of essential commodities skyrocketed to the extent that Nigerians could no longer afford common tomato to cook and the middle class wiped away completely. Continue reading

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian co-host Vegas pool party

The expectant parents who have been nicknamed ‘BlacRob’ were the hosts for a pool party at the Tropicana Las Vegas and TMZ reports that their rider demanded ‘multiple bottles of booze’. Their expensive bling was on show with Blac Chyna rocking the $90K, rose gold, diamond-encrusted Rolex she got from Rob while he spotted a $150K Rolex. Chyna still has Tyga’s tattooed on her arm, the rapper was born Michael Nguyen-Stevenson. See more photos Continue reading

India launches mini space shuttle


India has launched an unmanned model space shuttle, joining the race to develop reusable spacecraft.

The 7m-scale model took off from Andhra Pradesh and was expected to fly about 70km (43 miles) into the atmosphere before coming down at sea.

Since Nasa stopped its Space Shuttle programme in 2011, there has been strong international competition to design alternative reusable spacecraft. Continue reading

Scientists have figured out how to hide secret messages in your soda

Scientists have figured out how to hide secret messages in your soda

Next time you see someone spilling a drink in a bar, you could actually be witnessing a spy secretly decoding an encrypted message. This might sound like something from a Bond movie. But a team from Israel has used some rather niffy chemistry to come up with a way to use common chemicals such as cola as the encryption key to code and decode hidden messages. Continue reading

“Most men of today are the weaker sex” – Charly Boy

charly boy, nigeria

Veteran musician Charly Boy has started his marriage counseling services again and according to him one thing he has been able to conclude so far is that most men of today are the weaker sex.  Lol, now that just calls for a response..

He shared his thoughts via a Facebook post. See below. Continue reading

Kenyan Court To Hear Case Against Alleged Gay Anal Examinations

Kenyan Court To Hear Case Against Alleged Gay Anal Examinations

In this photo taken Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, a 26-year-old gay Ugandan man, who insisted on anonymity because of fears for his safety, speaks to The Associated Press, in Nairobi, Kenya. When a Ugandan court overturned the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act this month, rights activists worldwide claimed a victory – but not gay Ugandans who fled persecution to live in a refugee camp in neighboring Kenya. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Two men are seeking a Kenyan court ruling declaring enforced anal examinations unconstitutional after they were subjected to such tests last year to see if they had been involved in gay sex, the men’s lawyer said on Tuesday. Continue reading

Tech Alert! Flying hoverboards set to debut in 2017


Flying hoverboards are set to make a debut in 2017 and the tech bug in me has gone cray cray!

 Alexandru Duru, balancing on a homemade hoverboard 16 feet above the surface, flew a distance of 905 feet, 2 inches—smashing the previous Guinness World Record (a measly 164 feet) for the farthest hoverboard flight. “Riding it is a feeling that no other machine can provide,” Duru says. “Nothing comes close.” Continue reading

2016 Nzem Berom Festival In Plateau State Nigeria

plateau state, jos city, awomkenneth.com

Going on in Plateau State, Nigeria is  the 2016 Nzem Berom festival and it is beautiful.  Some people might call it barbaric but the festival is showcasing the journey of the people of the land to where they are now. This particular festival hasn’t been celebrated in the last eight years in the state for reasons unknown to me but if things keep on improving, we would be expecting the festival to become international very soon.  See more pics below… Continue reading

See What You Missed At This Year’s Penis Festival

Women hold candy in the shape of phalluses at the Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine during the Kanamara Festival in Kawasaki, a suburb of Tokyo on April 3, 2016.  More than 20,000 people gathered to enjoy the annual festival which Shinto believers carry giant phalluses through the streets. / AFP / TORU YAMANAKA        (Photo credit should read TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

Women hold candy in the shape of phalluses at the Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine during the Kanamara Festival in Kawasaki, a suburb of Tokyo on April 3, 2016.
More than 20,000 people gathered to enjoy the annual festival which Shinto believers carry giant phalluses through the streets. / AFP / TORU YAMANAKA (Photo credit should read TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

Penis candid for sale anyone!

The Festival of the Steel Phallus (Kanamara Matsuri) in Kawasaki, Japan is weirdly back again.

According to Huffpost, Revelers in the streets paraded peen-shaped Shinto shrines called “mikoshi,” emphasizing the spiritual roots of the schlong-a-thon. The festival’s inspiration reportedly goes way back. In the 17th century, a 1-meter “Steel Phallus” was reportedly erected by a local blacksmith that honored Shinto deities of fertility and childbirth. Prostitutes were believed to have prayed there for protection from sexual diseases. Continue reading