Kim Kardashian Releases a Pack of Presidential Kimojis

Kim Kardashian Presidential Kimojis

With this year’s U.S. presidential election raging on, Kim Kardashian has added to the political conversation with a new pack of Kimojis. The pack features Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton portraying Kim’s signature ugly cry face, as well as graphics of the White House, Statue of Liberty and American flag. The release follows her Fourth of July-themed Kimojis and Kimoji-centric merch line. Visit the App Store to purchase the pack and express your political woes today.

Google Finally Launches the Instant Messaging App Google Allo

Google kicks off a fresh start into instant messaging with a new app called Allo. Compatible for iOS and Android, the app is far different from the Google Hangouts and G Chat programs we’re used to using through Gmail–think more Whatsapp, but with more customizable text options. For starters, users can guide their fingers to shrink or enlarge your text with a feature Google calls “WhisperShout.” Combining Snapchat’s drawing feature, you can also doodle on photos before sending to your contacts. Continue reading

Fashion Alert: Uche Jombo In Print

Uche uploaded a picture of her about to go out for an event, she wore a yellow print tunic by grey project styled by Orange Culture, that was trying so hard to morph into a wrap dress but unfortunately didn’t work at all, especially that tail thiny pinned to the dress.  If she would have left the bag and removed the tail, the look would have been fantastic! Continue reading

nHub In Jos Set To Host 2016 NASA Space Apps Challenge


Are you tired of watching Hackathons going on in MIT, Harvard etc. And just wishing that you could participate in the challenge?  Well you can stop dreaming ways to use youtube to transport you to MIT, because there is now a Hackathon in Jos, Plateau State. To be hosted by nHub, the only northern hub in Nigeria.

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