Apple reportedly plans to perform 5G internet tests in Cupertino

Though 5G remains a somewhat nebulous concept because standards organizations have yet to formally classify it, the successor to LTE is broadly understood to be capable of gigabit speeds that rely on mmWave tech. Because mmWave transmits data at a higher frequency, and thus a smaller wavelength of between 30 GHz and 300 GHz, the technology is capable of reducing latency and expanding data transmission capacity. It also opens up possibilities for cutting down on antenna size and for packing more powerful multi-band antennas into a single device. Continue reading

$8000 A Month As An Intern These big tech companies pay their interns the most

So if you are living in Africa and your father or mother is a banker, medical doctor or lawyer, protect your ego by not reading this. But if your parents are teacher, pls don’t even click for the sack of your sanity. lol.

We went ahead and pulled the tech companies from the list, and among large tech companies, Facebook leads the pack with an average salary of $8,000 per month for interns. Quickly converting that into a yearly salary yields $96,000. It goes without saying, that figure is quite high. Continue reading

Iphone Red Made For The Native Doctors Of Nigeria

The Native Doctors of Nollywood come and see oh, the gods have answered your prayers!  Finally a black and red phone to scare my people in the village back to the stone age, just imagine walking around with this phone in rural Nigeria #CultBoys

Lol, but on a serious note this phone is sexy as hell like literally. The only downside is that the black and red Iphone look does not exist (silently crying), what exist is more christ like, and that’s the white and red iphone look see more. Continue reading

Apple Park Is Opening It Doors Come April

apple spaceship campus tim cook

Apple’s new campus has a name and a move-in date. With that said i will put in a little Yass! for Tim Cook..

On Wednesday, Apple announced that its 175-acre ring-shaped futuristic campus will be called “Apple Park” and employees will being occupying it in April, although construction will continue through the summer. By the end of this year, Apple expects to move more than 12,000 employees into the new Cupertino campus. Continue reading

Apple iOS cracking tools reportedly used by FBI released to public

Last year, the FBI ordered Apple to help crack the iPhone 5c owned by Syed Farook, one of the shooters in the 2015 attacks in San Bernardino. Apple refused, and the FBI reportedly worked with Cellebrite, an Israeli firm that specializes in mobile security. According to a statement from Celelbrite last month, a hacker breached one of its legacy servers. Now the hacker has released some of that data as a warning to the FBI.

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how to crash an iphone

iphone 6s crashing Give it up to youtubers to make a video on how to crash an Iphone!  I swear somewhere out is a youtube video were North Korea are watching to learn how to build their reactor lol…  Bad news for iPhone users with envious frienemies , there is a new video that shows people how to crash an iPhone by sending them a text that contains emojis. Continue reading

Apple Cuts Tim Cook’s Pay by $1.5 Million for Missing Iphone 7 Sales Targets.


Even the Iphone  5 users I know that became Iphone 6 users  within the blink of an eye, did not even flinch at the thought of the Iphone 7. So correct me if I am wrong when I say that i do not think low sales were due to Cook’s ear bud decision but generally a bad global purchasing power year. The company said its annual sales were down by nearly 4%, or $215.6 billion, from its target of $223.6 billion, and its operating income was down 0.5 percent from its target at $60 billion. As a result, Cook will lose out on about $1.5 million, dropping his annual salary from $10.28 million in 2015 to $8.75 million in 2016. Other top executives were also affected. Continue reading

Guess Which Tech Company Might Be the First to Reach the Trillion-Dollar Market Value?


One Trillion Dollar Market Evaluation, is like when a company becomes a country!! #BrainFreeze Despite the fact that the Microsoft’s market value currently trails both Apple and Alphabet, analyst Michael Markowski of believes that Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn could help them reach the $1 trillion milestone.

Here are the market caps of the top 5 tech companies via GeekWire Continue reading

‘Pokémon GO’ Now Has an Apple Watch App For the Holidays

Apple Watch Pokemon GO iTunes watchOS

Pokémon GO, Niantic announced today that the app is now available on the Apple Watch. The new smartwatch version is scaled back to fit the smaller user interface and thus will not allow trainers to catch the creatures — an alert from the watch notifies you when you are close to a Pokémon and then you have to pull out a phone in order to catch it. Continue reading

iPhone 8 With Curved Screen Could Be Released as Soon as Next Year

So all Apple needs to do to stay in business is to increase their prices and people will come? According to the Wall Street Journal, the new iPhone 8 could be releasing as soon as next year. It’s been reported that Apple has been testing out more than 10 different prototypes and some have seen a curved screen with no home button. The report states that the new model will house a 5.8-inch OLED display (instead of a LCD screen) with, of course, higher resolution. With OLED technology, a backlight is not needed, therefore thinner and lighter phones can be created. The new iPhone iteration may also include an embedded home button, as opposed to the current location on the iPhone 7′s design. Continue reading

Photos of Apple’s ‘Magic Toolbar’ for the New MacBook Pro Laptops Leaked


Call it a total waste of hard earn or luxry or fandom, but whether you actually like it or not people will still buy the half a millionaire laptop. Apple just let one of its own secrets slip. The new MacBook Pros are supposed to be announced on Thursday, and it looks like Apple accidentally leaked some photos of the computer and its touch-activated ‘Magic Toolbar.’ Continue reading

Apparently Your New iPhone 7 Might Also Explode, According to New Incident

Here’s some potentially ominous news for prospective iPhone users: a Reddit user by the name of kroopthesnoop shared an image on the r/apple subreddit of what appears to be an iPhone 7 that exploded. Luckily for the user, the device appears to have exploded in transit, as the phone’s smoldering carcass rests against its charred packaging. Users on the subreddit and elsewhere on the web have leapt at the news, citing that “leading smartphone makers just can’t stop copying each other” in reference to the stories of exploding Samsung devices, including the Note 7.

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Apple is Reportedly in Talks to Acquire… McLaren?

Apple McLaren Acquisition Talks

Though it may be delayed until 2021, Apple’s Project Titan is anything but dead if The Financial Times‘ new report proves to be true. According to the paper, the Cupertino tech giant has held talks with, of all people, British supercar manufacturer and Formula One imprint McLaren regarding a potential acquisition. The deal, which could instead result in “a strategic investment in the company,” may ultimately be valued between $1.3 billion USD and $1.9 billion USD. For comparisons sake, the Beats acquisition ultimately cost Apple about $3 billion USD back in 2014. Continue reading

Apple Fan Dog: Chinese Billionaire Son buys his pet dog eight ‘iPhone 7s’

Apparently Apple fan dogs now existed, and i am hearing that they are a very rare breed.  Sicong, the only son of China’s richest man Wang Jianlin, worth $30 billion according to Forbes, has made the news again for pampering his dog – Coco the Alaskan Malamute. He bought the dog ‘eight iPhone 7 handsets’. Continue reading

JerryRigEverything ‏Burns An iPhone 7 In Durability Test

For those who are still unconvinced by Apple’s latest changes, you’re probably waiting to see if the iPhone 7 is worth the investment. Perhaps the greatest change to the latest model of the smart phone is the absence of the earphone jack, already making the new wireless headphones the butt of every meme joke on the Internet. Additional rumors include one that supposedly claims the Jet Black model scratches incredibly easy. Continue reading