Mailguru, Nigeria’s First Email Marketing Automation Platform

And just the other day I was asking my friend if we can create our own email plugin, well it is not about having ideas but actually following them through! The impact of Email marketing on businesses cannot be over emphasized as business transactions, news, feedback, updates, invoices, adverts are just a mail away today. Mailguru, an email marketing automation platform, first of its kind in Nigeria, aims at making email marketing campaigns easy to use and affordable for all, so businesses, bloggers, and everyone needing to send a mass email can create and send beautiful emails customers would love. Continue reading

DollarCell Is A Scam! #Word

dollarcell review

Some Nigerians are just gullible, you know the saying that there is nothing like free money, while when it comes to making money online it is practically impossible to make free money online there is always a catch!  Guys instead of falling for scams like, invest your time and affiliate with a nearby productive blog.  So based on reviews online, i have compiled evidence to show the scammy site  This time i didn’t open an account to try because I have seen them all. Continue reading