See images from this year French male farmer’s calendar

These photographs by Fred Goudon for The French Farmers Calendar is a celebration of the farming profession.

Goudon said the farmers were happy to “play the game of posing in a sexy way” and did so as a way of promoting the “work and dedication with which the farmers are involved relentlessly in their hard jo” He said the project received the enthusiastic support of farmers all over France. Continue reading

4 Shoes to Rock With a Suit

4 Shoes to Rock With a Suit

Have you ever been in a conundrum about what shoes to wear, you are all dressed in your niece tux’s but the shoe is giving you a headache?  If yes then few tips from should help you out.


Wingtips, also known as full brogues, are one of the most essential dress shoes for guys. The classic Oxford dress shoe pairs well with just about anything and never goes out of style.  Continue reading

What I wore Today

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When you are leaving in Plateau State, Nigeria and you are sick and tired of the cold/harmattan/heat, you turn on the TV and see the snow in the US #ThankGod for the weather.

Today’s was inspired by the funny weather conditions in Jos city, the outfit was styled to keep you warm during the spiky cold periods but cool enough to not make you sweat when the heat comes back (yes, the weather in Jos fluctuates like it is been controlled by a remote). See more below…

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7 Timeless Fashion Tips for Young Men

1. Keep Your Style Simple

Keep it simple young man.

A lot of young men, when they first decide to start dressing well, go out and invest in fancy, expensive items that are much nicer and much more formal than everything else in their outfits.

That’s not a good way to start!

You spend a lot of money, and you end up with an awkward mish-mash of high fashion and low fashion; of business formality and casual street wear.

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Justin Bieber Meets Fans In Balmain Zip Hoodie

Justin Bieber

The ever troublesome and always apologizing for wronging his fans, Justin Bieber has been residing at The Montage Beverly Hills recently and this has led to a bieber fever of fan pictures – plus the endless paparazzi photos. The 21-year-old pop star posed with a host of fans wearing a heavily detailed Balmain Hooded Nylon & Cotton Padded Sweatshirt ($1,965 $1,179), but can’t afford at this time.

See more pics below…

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