Rick Dusi Or Rick Douche Bag Importance Of Branding

Menswear Brand RICKDUSI Releases its SS18 Campaign Edit titled ‘The Conversation’

To be a little honest with you guys when I saw the menswear brand Rick Dusi, the first thing that came to mind was Rick Douche bag.

And I exactly love their suits in picture, I think the brand name has to be redone, cause with my dirty mind douche bag is the least of their worries, i actually have another coming in as i am writing and the more I think about the name it get worse. Continue reading

Does Your Natural Hair Need Some Marijuana

Hmm, some legal Marijuana, by the way. It sounds a bit weird but I did read somewhere that marijuana helps hair grow and I a lot of people are using it to aid their natural hair journey. To use, you simply mix into your regular hair growth cream and watch your mane get high, lol.  I do know a couple people who have used it and got acne around their hairline afterwards so be careful I guess. Continue reading

The Nigerian Fashion Scene Is Dead

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The Nigerian fashion scene is dead, somebody shout Hallelujah!

#MadeInNigeria #MadeInAba #BuyNigeria, do any of this hashtag look or feel familiar? Fashion in Nigeria is like a stage play you only get access to it when a play is on and you are lucky enough to have a ticket, but the problem is while you where busy feeling posh and tosh in boring stage play, the rest of the world was busy watching free online you tube videos by Kratz Tv and Video Nigeria.   Don’t get me wrong, Lagos (Lagos is a state in Nigeria, not a country by the way) might be vibrant, but the Nigerian fashion scene in terms of the entire outlook on the market especially for brands is half dead or some might say it is dead but we are trying to use paracetamol to resurrect it. Continue reading

Toni Tones Purplelicious 2017 AMVCA Dres

2017 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, is here! In the seas of cheap fabric and copied designs Toni Tones shall be the last shining light!

Toni Tones hasn’t stepped on the red carpet yet but we got a sneak peek at her look via her social media page and according to her, her outfit by Yemi Shoyemi was handmade and it took four whole months to put it together. Continue reading

Smart Mirror is Coming To The Fashion World

Since e-commerce began threatening stores last decade, retailers have been trying to make their locations operate more like the web. Yet despite splurging on the latest bells and whistles, they’ve mostly failed and fallen further behind their online rivals.

Recent efforts—such as QR codes, which call up merchandise information when scanned with a smartphone, and internet kiosks, where shoppers can browse a retailer’s online store—are either too far ahead of, or behind, shoppers technologically, so they haven’t been embraced, says Brendan Witcher, an expert on retail strategies at Forrester. Continue reading

Business Of Fashion How To Reach The mystically Millennials

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“In China it’s slightly different from everywhere else, because we’ve had several generations of only children,” said Vogue China editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung explaining why Chinese millennials have such spending power.

Cheung told BoF founder and CEO Imran Amed: “The millennials, I would describe them as the real consumers, the organic consumers. They consume for the sake of consuming. And they just love things, they want to buy… it’s not for any purpose.” Continue reading

Gucci Debuts Neo-Vintage Luggage Collection

Gucci Neo-Vintage Luggage Collection

Gucci just dropped its latest range of luggages and oversized bags, the perfect carry-alls for travel? Well you have to decide that on your on. Accompanying its 2017 spring/summer menswear collection, the two bags include the GG Supreme Duffel and tote bag. Both are constructed in the signature GG Supreme canvas, and feature a leather patch with gold-embossed logo and skill motif. The Neo-Vintage collection is available now online and in-stores.

Top Fashion Pieces To Buy for Your Woman From The Nigerian Fashion Brand Ferona

British-Nigerian Couture brand Ferona, what I like to call british based, sells to mostly british but made by a Nigerian. #NoShade

For those that do not know the brand Ferona, its the brand, Nigerian Actress Adesua Etomi was seen recently in, the red gown at the 2016 Headies Awards in December. Continue reading

Different types of agbada to wear in 2017

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What are the different types of Agbada styles and designs one could wear and still look very refined and peaceful? Well look no further, I have searched out some of the most refined and peaceful looks i could find.   Menswear is evolving, especially in Africa where it moves at snail speed but never the less it is still evolving.  And men are to coming to terms with the fact that they had always loved bright colours, I think that men had always been lovers of colours but the society had suppressed it down a little.   Continue reading

Chanel’s 2017 Spring Couture Collection

Nigerian Womenswear! Ayo Van Elmar 2017 Collection

Ayo Van Elmar

The SS17 lookbook is modeled by fashion enthusiast, Oge Agu.  The creative director describes the collection as a creation born out of sudden periodic raving states of restlessness and ecstasy. And what do I think? As a collection I think its a print too much…. Well see more below. Continue reading

Top 4 StreetStyles From London Fashion Week Men’s

London Fashion Week Men's Day 2

London Fashion Week Men’s is currently going on, and the arena seems to be very loud in terms of colours, it is almost like colour blocking heaven! The streetstyle shows a much more confident man who likes colours, to think that it was you will be considered a gay man if you wore colourful clothes. Continue reading

Fashion Alert! Kendall Jenner’s $3,000 Acne Gold Velocite Met Jacket


Yeah! Fashion Alert is back again! Kendall Jenner was seen in a $3,000 Acne Gold Velocite Met Jacket and $299 Dylan Kain The NYC Stars Clutch, paired up with an affordable $62 House of Sunny Black Soul Hoodie and $50 Ego Tasha Boots. Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Is Releasing Yo-Yos, Teddy Bears and More in This Moderately Priced Collection

Louis Vuitton "The Art of Gifting" Collection

Luxury French label Louis Vuitton has extended its elegant touch and craftsmanship to a series of practical objects that include notepads, pencils and stamps. This lineup is part of the brand’s “The Art of Giving” campaign Continue reading

Best Dressed Male Of 2016 A$AP Rocky


A$AP Rocky is a shameless fashionista and label whore, but in a good way. He’s even distinguished himself as the prettiest man out there, and for a rapper to say that in this modern times it take some balls.  He’s ultra-talented, outspoken, unpredictable and he possesses a firm grasp on what he considers to be stylish. Continue reading