Get The Look | A Night At The Museum


Did he take an avant grade picture with an Ice cream bicycle man?  Oh yeah he did, and while you are busy contemplating and fixating on the sheer awesomeness of it, I am simply enjoying my cream full of Ice! lol

So I have embarked on a journey of self love to find peace and love , (oh yeah  I too watched Eat, love and Pray lol) as cheesy as that may sound, it really does help a lot to improve one’s general well being especially when creepy people hang around you like vultures preying on a lion.  Why don’t you feel comfortable in your own skin when others are out there enjoying themselves?   I know, the question might be a little too complex to answer but as someone who is trying to make the best of what life has to offer, I say grab that attitude by your door side and tell the negativity in hallway a very loud but elegant  BI**h Please!   The world is your stage, so write and showcase your plays! Continue reading