Google just acquired one of the most successful VR game studios

Google announced today that it’s acquiring Owlchemy Labs, the VR-focused studio that created Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. Owlchemy will keep releasing VR games for multiple platforms, but with backing from Google — similar to Tilt Brush studio Skillman & Hackett, which Google acquired in 2015. “We have a slate of original games that we have in [the] production and prototyping phase, and we’re going to continue to do that,” says Owlchemy co-founder Alex Schwartz. “We’re very excited to continue to do that with the support of Google behind us.” Continue reading

$8000 A Month As An Intern These big tech companies pay their interns the most

So if you are living in Africa and your father or mother is a banker, medical doctor or lawyer, protect your ego by not reading this. But if your parents are teacher, pls don’t even click for the sack of your sanity. lol.

We went ahead and pulled the tech companies from the list, and among large tech companies, Facebook leads the pack with an average salary of $8,000 per month for interns. Quickly converting that into a yearly salary yields $96,000. It goes without saying, that figure is quite high. Continue reading

Apple iOS cracking tools reportedly used by FBI released to public

Last year, the FBI ordered Apple to help crack the iPhone 5c owned by Syed Farook, one of the shooters in the 2015 attacks in San Bernardino. Apple refused, and the FBI reportedly worked with Cellebrite, an Israeli firm that specializes in mobile security. According to a statement from Celelbrite last month, a hacker breached one of its legacy servers. Now the hacker has released some of that data as a warning to the FBI.

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nHub in Plateau State to host Google HashCode 2017 in Nigeria


Jos based technology hub, nHub and V8, a Lagos based co-working space are among the locations in Nigeria where Google Hash Code for 2017 will be held.

Hash Code is a team-based programming competition where participants solve problems presented by Google engineers and top scoring teams win prizes.

The competition will be in two rounds – online and final. The online qualification round sees teams solve a real-life challenge using their own PCs and programming language and tools of their choice. Continue reading

Nigeria generated over $1.1b from tourism sector in 2015

Nigeria generated over $1.1b from tourism sector in 2015

The Director-General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Mrs Sally Mbanefo on Tuesday said that the tourism sector generated over 1.1 billion dollars in 2015

Mbanefo disclosed this during a two-day Nigeria Tourism Investors Forum and Exhibition. Continue reading

Tech Alert! Here Is How Much It Cost Google To Make The Google Pixel XL


For those who are interested in how much phone companies are harvesting from you, well sorry to say, the harvest is big!

IHS broke down Google’s Pixel devices.   According to the report, the Google Pixel XL costs about as much as an iPhone 7 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to manufacture. The analyst firm took apart a 32GB Pixel XL and discovered that the total cost to make the 32GB Pixel XL is $285.75 Continue reading

Music Video LUST By Malvina Patrick

So i have been thinking about ‘LuSt’ that Malvina Patrick released and been imagining angles from which to interpret the concept behind her writing ‘LuSt.’ You know she said something about the song being self-explanatory and having the ability to ‘free’ you from any social or mind control mechanisms. I took the liberty to play around it a little, and this is the outcome.  Continue reading

The Google Pixel Camera Is Out Of This World, Lie?


If you have been itching to get your hands on the first “made by Google” Smartphones, the first thing is that you are not a Nigerian (recession anybody?), and the second thing is that I have got pictures for you!

Google claims its new Pixel smartphone has the best camera ever, citing an 85 point DxOMark score as proof that it produces superior quality to the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy Note 7. To further prove this claim; Google released a set of new photos that got me like this at first: Continue reading

Tech Alert! All The Gadgets Google Announced



Google’s Pixel hardware event is finally over! Even if the general public did not get to hear the hype, well a handful of techies heard about it?

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL, both phones sport Snapdragon 821 quad-core 2.15GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and Storage options starting at 32GB or 128GB. Both Pixel devices feature a 12-megapixel shooter in the rear with an f/2.0 aperture and a large 1.55-micron pixel sensor. Both come out of the box with Android Nougat 7.1 and are available in ‘quite’ black, ‘really’ blue, or ‘very’ silver

We are looking at a $649 price tag for the Pixel; equivalent to N259,600 with the dollar rate at N400, smiles and picks up his infinix and walks away! lol Continue reading

Twitter Up For Sale! Salesforce and Google Bidding for Twitter

Lagos State Gov. Ambode Hosts Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 2016

AWIEF is here again! The 2016 edition of the Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum is around the corner and it is billed to make unprecedented strides in AWIEF’s Pan-African campaign to accelerate the economic empowerment of women in Africa’s best interest. Continue reading

Google And Chrome Slowly Killing HTTP

Is HTTP about to die? We are not sure but, one thing that is true is that Google is the bounty hunter.

Chrome’s security team announced today that the browser will start marking websites that use insecure HTTP connections to transmit passwords and credit card data as insecure, beginning in January 2017. The warning will appear in the address bar of the browser and will call users’ attention to the fact that their personal information could be snooped or stolen. Continue reading

IPhone 7 Launches Latest From Apple


Image Source: CNN

Is Samsung truly out of the race this year, I do believe they got something up sleeves, no one willing losses in the tech world.

Today is September 7th.  According to KGI via 9to5Mac, there will be new features on the iPhone 7, some of which include a new Apple A10 SoC reportedly clocked at 2.4 GHz, up from the 1.85 GHz of the A9.  The iPhone 7 would also come in 2 new color options to replace the Space Grey — they include the “dark black” and glossy “piano black.” Continue reading

Instagram Vs Snapchat, The Battle Of The Nerds!

In the beginning there was Instagram, a photo sharing tech company that later became a photo and video sharing tech company, that is still deciding to whether to call itself a tech or a media company. And with over 500 millionn users worldwide one would think, they feeling like  Continue reading

Kanye West Gets Four Minutes to Do “As He Pleases” for the 2016 MTV VMAs

mcdonalds kanye west poem response

Lord help us! Kanye West has been allotted four minutes of stage time at this year’s MTV VMAs to do whatever the hell he desires. According to TMZ, producers over at the Viacom-owned network greenlighted the time slot, saying that Ye “can rap, sing, dance or even just stay silent …


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why Olympic athletes keep wearing that weird body tape

As the 2016 Summer Olympics get started, there’s lots to look forward to, including incredible feats of athleticism and stories about how well the city of Rio is or isn’t dealing with the influx of athletes and fans.

But if 2008 or 2012 offer any guide, we’ll also see athletes’ bodies covered in stripes of colourful tape – specifically, something called kinesiology tape or (more commonly) kinesio tape. So what is it, and why is it there? Continue reading