These Computer Skills Can Fetch You $100,000+ PER MONTH

Image result for These Computer Skills Can Fetch You $100,000+ PER MONTHJob Site, published a 2015 Salary Survey of the highest paying Tech jobs in the world, they surveyed a total of 23,470 IT Professionals.  I am not if Nigerians were taken account off.  In my opinion, if you really love Technology, and you are planning on starting your career soon, you should not be looking at following the crowd but if all you want is a decent pay consider going for a course that would be needed in the future when Technology finally takes over everything. Continue reading

Endorsed on Instagram by a Kardashian, but Is It Love or Just a $75,000 Ad?

The millions of people who follow Kim Kardashian West and her sisters on social media have become accustomed to seeing them praise everything from fat-burning tea to gummy vitamins for healthier hair.

“Ever since I started taking two @sugarbearhair a day, my hair has been fuller and stronger than ever!! Even with all the heat and bleaching I do to it!” Khloé Kardashian posted on Instagram this month. Continue reading

The Scam Called | Review


Nigeria is currently undergoing what I like to call old people too afraid to give young people money to do business, but you are free to call it economy traffic jam anytime. Things are so difficult in Nigeria right now, that even an average income earner can’t buy a bag of rice (the big one oh). Therefore making them victims of internet scams promising quick money. Eg Continue reading

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is the Highest Paid Actor in the World

According to The Guardian, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, the wrestler-turned-musician-turned-actor is currently the world’s highest paid actor. A surprise to most considering at first thought, such a title would go to someone who’s dedicated their entire life to film from the get-go.

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