Instagram Hits Another Milestone – 600 Million Active Users

Instagram’s strategy to beat Snapchat at its own game seems to be working. The Facebook-owned social network centered on photos (lol, more like a cool controled CNN) has announced Last week that it has more than 600 million users.

The last 100 million of those have signed up in the past six months, which is quite impressive because it took them nine months to go from 400 million to 500 million.  Continue reading

Kendall and Kylie Are Now Launching Eyewear — Take a Look

Kendall + Kylie Eyewear

Get a glimpse at the world through Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s eyes — or eyewear, at least. The sisters are building their own individual empires while growing their eponymous brand together, and up next for Kendall + Kylie is a new line of sunglasses for spring. Their past clothing collections were produced as collaborations with retailers like Topshop and PacSun, but such is not the case here. “This is all us. It’s enjoyable to be able to fully create,” Kendall told WWD. Continue reading

Instagram Introduces Shoppable Product Tags

Instagram's shoppable photo tags | Source: Instagram

We get Linda Ikeji Social now this? Lord, land grabs in the tech market space! For a week in May, some of Instagram’s designers, engineers and product managers met not at the company’s Menlo Park, California, headquarters but at a rented house, stocked with grocery store snacks. There, away from computers and armed with pencil and paper, they explored a question important for the photo-sharing app’s future: how do we get our users to shop? Continue reading

How Instagram Brought About The Collaboration With Nigerian Designer And An American Boutique

Instagram Is Now Testing a Live Video Feature Called ‘Go Insta!’

Instagram Live Video Feature 'Go Insta!'

According to a recent report from Russian news website T Journal, Instagram is testing a live video feature called ‘Go Insta!.’ This latest attribute is limited to Russian users at this time and presumably resides in the app’s Stories stratum. Continue reading

This is how much Instagram fashion bloggers get paid per post

Street style, blogger Chiara Ferragni -- The Blonde Salad -- arriving at Balmain Spring Summer 2017 show held at Hotel Potocki, in Paris, France, on 29 September 2016.

It’s no secret that the world’s most successful fashion bloggers have it really good: They travel the world on other people’s dimes, get unbelievable designer swag for free, constantly have people lavish them with gifts, and generally get enough free publicity to rival the likes of Kim Kardashian West. But according to a report from today’s WWD, that’s not all they get: The most successful bloggers have incomes that soar into the million-dollar range annually. Continue reading

Free Instagram Training For Businesses


You know the feeling when you have like a 1ooo followers and above and only get 10  likes on your pictures, and Juliet who has 200 followers gets up to a 1000 likes and 500 comments per picture.  Or when you have about 50,000 followers with a respectable active likes and comments but no one seems to be buying the products you are advertising on your instagram page?  Well, worry no more Jazz Entrepreneur is here to make your instagram dreams come!  Continue reading

Snapchat’s 10 Second Video Glasses Are Coming

Finally a tech company become a tech company not a media house….

After being rumored for quite some time, details about Snapchat’s first foray into hardware have finally been revealed. According to The Wall Street Journal, the video glasses dubbed “Spectacles” will receive a limited release this fall at $130 USD in black, teal and coral. Continue reading

Twitter Is Being Sued By One of Its Investors for Not Being Popular Enough


Well, it’s about time that someone said something about twitter, even snapchat from nowhere is now balling in the popular kids table! One of Twitter’s shareholder Doris Shenwick has filed a lawsuit against the company for allegedly misleading investors about its growth projections and failing to meet its self-imposed target of 550 million active users. Continue reading

Kanye West Has Joined Instagram

Kanye West has finally signed up for Instagram and he has been verified already and has about 350k followers! The notorious Twitter user has finally opened an account (@kanyewest) with the social media platform. Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian and her family have been on Instagram for years, accruing millions of followers — but Kanye West has been noticeably absent. There is already a post on his page and it has 100,ooo likes, hmm can’t wait to see what he will post about.

Instagram Vs Snapchat, The Battle Of The Nerds!

In the beginning there was Instagram, a photo sharing tech company that later became a photo and video sharing tech company, that is still deciding to whether to call itself a tech or a media company. And with over 500 millionn users worldwide one would think, they feeling like  Continue reading

Instagram Reaches 300 Million Daily Users


The Photo-sharing app that Facebook currently owns almost 4 years now has crossed a milestone. Before they celebrated reaching the 500 million users per month benchmark and now they are celebrating 300 million people using the app daily. Or was it their picture resizing update and video moments they somehow got from snapchat.  Continue reading

Instagram ripsoff Snapchat’s stories feature

And the internet doping war begins!

Looks like Instagram’s new feature is a ripoff of photo sharing app Snapchat. Instagram announced today that they will be introducing ‘Instagram Stories’ and everything from the name (Instagram Stories), to the design of the camera button, annotations tools, and the ability to share photos to friends for only 24 hours, is pretty familiar to the way Snapchat operates.
Continue reading



29-year-old Elaine Welteroth has made publishing history today, as she’s been named the new editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue magazine, one of the flagship publications of the Condé Nast empire, and arguably the most influential fashion editorial brand in the world, along with its adult counterpart, Vogue. Continue reading

Instagram Just Launched a Complete Redesign


Remember that black-and-white redesign that some Instagram users had the opportunity to test out back in April? Well Instagram has officially made it the new look for its overhauled app. Available today, version 8.0 offers a simpler design that “puts the focus on your posts and keeps your features in the same place.” Continue reading

10-Year Old Boy Rewarded with $10,000 for Discovering a Security Flaw with Instagram

Instagram-1A 10-year-old Finnish boy has received $10,000 from Facebook after finding a security fault in the Instagram app (owned by Facebook), media reports said on Tuesday.

The 10 year old will be the youngest recipient of the Facebook Bug Bounty Programme which rewards researchers and hackers for submitting hacks and bugs they discovered on any of the Facebook platforms. Continue reading

What I wore Today

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When you are leaving in Plateau State, Nigeria and you are sick and tired of the cold/harmattan/heat, you turn on the TV and see the snow in the US #ThankGod for the weather.

Today’s was inspired by the funny weather conditions in Jos city, the outfit was styled to keep you warm during the spiky cold periods but cool enough to not make you sweat when the heat comes back (yes, the weather in Jos fluctuates like it is been controlled by a remote). See more below…

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