Update Live Blogging #HackJos2016 Final Day Hackers Talk With Mark Essien

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Teams and their innovations….

NOX: Mechanox, an application that solve basic motor vehicle issues that may require the aid of a mechanic; or provide the user with basic information within a checklist of things.

Team Uplift: Gas Leakage Detector Using Arduino and GSM Module, a system that detect irregular gas levels and triggers a real time SMS response.

Team Kuce: TractUS, an SMS based tractor on demand service. Continue reading

Plateau State Government Talks With Bloggers And Content Creators

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The SSA on Information Communication Technology to the Plateau State Government Mr. Daniel D. Dalyop had a brief meeting with various bloggers, content creators and social media strategists on the Plateau about the use of social media/new media to bridge the gap between the people and the government, therefore making the people more updated on the various activities of the government and also to show investors that Plateau State is truly a great place to do business.  In attendance, Janet Faden of plateau newsonline, Ponash Fanap, Attah Ferdinard, John David of Jtowncluster, Misheal Salamu, Mattthew Tegha of Mathewtegha blog,  Joe Heman of Joeheman blog, Jos Facts, Awomkeneth.com etc. Special thanks to Plangkat @peekaymila on twitter for the phone calls and keeping everyone updated. More development coming soon…

Hack Jos! Plateau State Biggest Tech Competition Ever!

nhub jos hack We’re pleased to announce the date for the most anticipated event of the year and the best in Africa. HackJos, nhubs’ flagship challenge-driven Hackathon Jos 2016 and tech Conference. Hackjos had its first run in 2015; owned and promoted by Nignux Technologies Ltd owners of nHub, premier innovation centre in the north of the country. The 2016 edition is running in collaboration with Qitech Technologies in partnership with Knowhow Media International, publishers of IT Edge News.Com. Scheduled for the 1st – 4th November. Continue reading

#GITEX2016 Logical Address The Location App From Jos City


Logical Address is an addressing system that solves two humans most fundamental problems.

4 billion people in the world are without an address and 7.4 billion people (the population of the world) are nomadic. Today we live in Abuja, tomorrow we are in Cairo and this goes on and on for various reasons ranging from better jobs, better life, greener pastures, crises and war, hunger etc. Continue reading

The Faculty Of Social Sciences University of Jos Gutted By Fire (Detailed Article)


The University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, is once more in a very deplorable state, there was a fire incident that took place on Saturday 8th October, 2016, at exactly 6pm just some few minutes after the final exams for that day.  There are still no reports confirming the source of the fire, but imaginations are running wild in terms of what people think stated the terrific incident.   Some people who claimed to be one of the few first witnesses on the scene, say that the fire started at the sociology department, note that the building in discussion is the Faculty Of Social Sciences and over five different department offices and the main library are on the first floor of the the three storey building which was totally gutted by the fire.  The ground floor was left unscathed but the first and second were affected and the third floor, which is mainly a lecture area was scarred with thick smoke.  Continue reading

Are You Ready For JOS HIKE IT this September, In Plateau State!


Who wants to hike the beautiful Plateau State this awesome September! Plateau State, Nigeria is known for it’s hospitality, tourism and beautifully weather. The people are so nice that they seem like a distant family member. This is another edition of the hike, during previous hikes the participants were treated like family relatives who came for a four hour visit by the villagers, they also assisted our security men in protecting the cars and also showed us some beautiful spots.  Continue reading

Pictures From Plateau State, Jos city Hail Stones


Did you know that in Plateau State, Nigeria it snows once in awhile?  LOL I am joking…   Can you imagine that I live in Jos city and I didn’t witness these, I saw hails that day but I didn’ t know it was these serious.

Thankfully Patience Nana FelixFarida Adamu, Bashar Bala Bodinga, Isaac Chingle, and Aliyu Suleiman captured these rare event which they posted on their Facebook timeline. See more below… Continue reading

2016 Nzem Berom Festival In Plateau State Nigeria

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Going on in Plateau State, Nigeria is  the 2016 Nzem Berom festival and it is beautiful.  Some people might call it barbaric but the festival is showcasing the journey of the people of the land to where they are now. This particular festival hasn’t been celebrated in the last eight years in the state for reasons unknown to me but if things keep on improving, we would be expecting the festival to become international very soon.  See more pics below… Continue reading

Pictures From Jos City!

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Plateau State, is a very beautiful and comfortable state situated in Nigeria. It may have lost it tourism due to unnecessary crisis but who are we kidding it lost it a long time ago due to lack of well trained and educated management.  Even right the Plateau Hotel is still a joke of the city.

Someone once said don’t think about what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country, with that said i have started a project that will allow me to showcase more of the amazing Plateau State aka Jos city “Jtown”.  And hopefully the Government and some certain industries will help in the revamping. See more below… Continue reading