Do Nigerian Fashion Designers Make Any Sales | Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week

heineken lfdw 2016 david tlale_IMG_0898_awomkenneth

Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week has finally ended, and still most of the clothes are either unwearable or too expensive to buy. I honestly still believe that most Nigerians  designers do not make money in Nigeria, maybe somewhere else unknown to me, I still walk down the street and see most Nigerians in fake Gucci, Zara or China/Turkey imported with the exception of big fashion houses such as Deola Saego, Maki Oh, and some few Menswear brands whose customers are mostly the 1% of wealthy Nigerians and are now turning into national compulsory wedding attires, but we still have to note that even the so called big fashion houses in Nigeria still account over 60% of their revenues to the foreign market.  Continue reading