What Is ALARA Lagos Annual Revenue Or Are They In Debt?

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So if you are part of my gang of Instagram admirers (#stalkers) of The Polo Avenue handle, by now you would have gotten used to seeing scandals with N800,000 prices tags, sunglasses and belts that cost half a Million Naira and so on.  The Polo Avenue website might be an empty shell of some sought, really have no words to describe the front end of the site but they only stock few designers mostly foreign and definitely no Nigerian designer, so obliviously the carter to few clients and have a small profit margin compared to bigger guys like ALARA.  Continue reading

David Lauren Is Promoted to Chief Innovation Officer of Ralph Lauren

David Lauren Ralph Lauren Chief Innovation Officer

Business of Fashion reports that David Lauren, the son of Ralph Lauren, has been promoted to chief innovation officer and vice chairman of Ralph Lauren. Chief executive officer Stefan Larsson said that the appointment “will help us create a sustainable competitive advantage by bringing us closer to the consumer as we continue to evolve the company from the core of its iconic brand.” This will likely mean a sustained social media advertising campaign. Continue reading