Why Are Nigerian Fashion Houses Not Listed On The Stock Market

House Of Deola

By now I am sure that you might have heard how the fashion industry will impact the Nigerian economy, “WILL” is the word, since what feels like ages, it has not yet started the foundation in other to impact the economy, its still trying to gather energy to start the thinking process required for building a foundation.  Continue reading

How Instagram Brought About The Collaboration With Nigerian Designer And An American Boutique

Fashion Alert: Maki Oh Appears In Beyoncé’s Lemonade Video

lemonade maki ohMaki Oh fine her way into Beyonce’s new ‘Lemonade’ video, which is no small feat!

The Lagos based fashion designer label Maki Oh, is a proven experiment that Africa is the next big. This time around she did a brand placement that has appeared  in Bee’s much talked about video in not one but two instances as seen on American actress Amandla Stenberg who made a cameo appearance in the company of Serena Williams, Amandla Stenberg, Zendaya,Quvenzhané Wallis and more.

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