The Nigerian Fashion Scene Is Dead

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The Nigerian fashion scene is dead, somebody shout Hallelujah!

#MadeInNigeria #MadeInAba #BuyNigeria, do any of this hashtag look or feel familiar? Fashion in Nigeria is like a stage play you only get access to it when a play is on and you are lucky enough to have a ticket, but the problem is while you where busy feeling posh and tosh in boring stage play, the rest of the world was busy watching free online you tube videos by Kratz Tv and Video Nigeria.   Don’t get me wrong, Lagos (Lagos is a state in Nigeria, not a country by the way) might be vibrant, but the Nigerian fashion scene in terms of the entire outlook on the market especially for brands is half dead or some might say it is dead but we are trying to use paracetamol to resurrect it. Continue reading

Mai Atafo South Africa Menswear Week SS17

I saw the yellow suit ish getup and couldn’t take my eyes of it, I was like is this Mai Atafo?
Mai Atafo was like “I sat down and thought… On the day’s I do not want to wear a suit and I still want to look very sartorial, what would I do?” Cue easy-going, classic, versatile, somewhat timeless separates made from suit fabric. Simple. Brilliant.  I am not really an Atafo addict but you have got to respect some good tailoring thou…

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Fashion Alert: Orange Culture’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Campaign



So the Autumn/Winter 2016 Campaign of the Nigerian fashion house Orange Culture has been out (lol, don’t mind me) for some time now. I really don’t want to say that I was lazy rather I was preoccupied with catching some zzzz.

First off this is a beautiful editorial, the location is to die for! The location should either be eko atlantic in Lagos or somewhere in Sokoto state Nigeria.  Secondly, this scream like two very and I mean two very friendly men, what the heck, this screams gay to the average Nigerian. Continue reading