Piers Morgan releases semi-naked pic of himself

Piers Morgan is like the Omojuwa of Nigeria, but more annoying to some people majorly on twitter. I mean, you have to be very annoying to be tagged the most annoying Arsenal fan on twitter! Lol.

After the fans of Kim Kardashian came for him on twitter, he released this image in mockery of Kim k’s latest pics.  How does he look guys? Did he break the internet?

PIERS MORGAN: I don’t know where Starman Bowie is going from here but as this genius chameleon always said, it won’t be boring

No accident: Bowie died in the week he released an album whose dominant theme is death; pictured is the haunting music video for the song Lazarus, released on Thursday

I never thought David Bowie would die.

Oh, I know we all do eventually, but he carried with him such an aura of invincibility that if anyone could cheat the passage of time I assumed it would be The Thin White Duke.

This brilliantly talented, outrageously creative glittering chameleon of a man; a master of reinvention who smashed down so many barriers in music, fashion, film and art.

He remained so resolutely, absurdly cool right to the end.

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