Spoken Word Pieces! Jihad Of Peace By 2’WYTH (download)


If you thought that Denrele got hair, then you haven’t felt the poetic laws , commandments and rhythms coming out of the coarse black hair of 2’WYTH also known as Otatane-oso F. Andrew.  He speaks the truth in his poems, demanding attention with every word, carefully thought out to properly define a moment in time, words, words, words are his lifeline to the world.  Jihad Of Peace  Continue reading

THE ELEVENTH HOUR By Babangida Akawu

 Blue lights shine bright, flags fly at half mast, names engraved in earth, tributes fill the media. Pictures and hashtags, videos and documentaries, thousands of literatures too. Fourteen years later and the emotions remain raw, strong, sincere. A world that mourns together stays together. We remember September 11 2001 not just as an extraordinary Tuesday, but also as the day the earth stood still. To the over 2000 men, women and children whose names remain etched not just on the grounds at the World Trade Centre, but forever in our hearts: mothers,fathers, siblings,colleagues,family, friends…human beings. Simple people just trying 2 get through the rigours of another Tuesday, little knowing that it would be their last. To the over 300 firefighters and over 70 law enforcement officers who lost their lives in service; you shall forever be remembered as heroes only. The brave people left behind to mourn the victims; families, friends…our prayers and thoughts are with you, that through the hurt, through the pain and anger, you see the greater joy, that everyone who lost their lives in the attacks died martyrs and heroes. We pray that as time goes on, your wounds heal and the anger dissipates. The eleventh hour, one of history’s most defining moments, a painful reminder that terrorism and oppression are nothing but cankers which corrupt and consume leaving in their wake losses and Irreparable damage. WE WILL NEVER FORGET 09/11/2001.

INEBRIATION By Babangida Akawu

Scrawny kids with ashy skins: smell of narcotics hangs heavily in the air. Smoke makes for hazy viewing, the daze makes for lazy feelings. Muddled thoughts skewed with alcohol induced hallucinations of adroitness, illusions of finesse and delusions of grandeur… Dimly lit rooms with neon lights accented by putrid smells of burning herbs adulterated with the acrid stench of unwashed bodies. Char stains upon the sofa that will never be removed, soot covering the ceiling and walls in murals of intricate patterns of alternating shades of grey and black. Semi lifeless bodies lay huddled on the floors, like a giant heap of human excrement, with scattered limbs and haphazardly thrown arms jutting out in places… Staring coldly, blurrily into space through bloodshot eyes that see everything yet see nothing: dreaming pipe dreams and thinking wild thoughts; passively existing, acquiescently fading, slowly deteriorating until the moment when the eyes close never to open again…

EVENTS: Jos Meets A Field Of Echoes

Again and again I live every moment
orchestral and whole as the song of waters
we are not comatose music notes on a sheet
but live as melody, all kinds we evoke
wrapped in the enchanting sheet of memory,
our hearts beat and our souls buzz with them
the way bees sing with a heart filled with honey
and I love you….. Chijioke Amunnadi

Join the Custodians of African Literature as #Jos Resonates with A Field of Echoes, the event will be taking place at Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. Its going to be event of the month in the literature society and well respected poets, essayist and writers alike in their own rights will also be there!  So better grab your wallets and come!  Continue reading