THE ELEVENTH HOUR By Babangida Akawu

 Blue lights shine bright, flags fly at half mast, names engraved in earth, tributes fill the media. Pictures and hashtags, videos and documentaries, thousands of literatures too. Fourteen years later and the emotions remain raw, strong, sincere. A world that mourns together stays together. We remember September 11 2001 not just as an extraordinary Tuesday, but also as the day the earth stood still. To the over 2000 men, women and children whose names remain etched not just on the grounds at the World Trade Centre, but forever in our hearts: mothers,fathers, siblings,colleagues,family, friends…human beings. Simple people just trying 2 get through the rigours of another Tuesday, little knowing that it would be their last. To the over 300 firefighters and over 70 law enforcement officers who lost their lives in service; you shall forever be remembered as heroes only. The brave people left behind to mourn the victims; families, friends…our prayers and thoughts are with you, that through the hurt, through the pain and anger, you see the greater joy, that everyone who lost their lives in the attacks died martyrs and heroes. We pray that as time goes on, your wounds heal and the anger dissipates. The eleventh hour, one of history’s most defining moments, a painful reminder that terrorism and oppression are nothing but cankers which corrupt and consume leaving in their wake losses and Irreparable damage. WE WILL NEVER FORGET 09/11/2001.