Kenya Government Fear Of Technology?

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Africa is the next frontier, raise your hand up if you are tired of hearing that iconic line that just seems to be a line and not a reality. It is almost synonymous with the catchphrase Nigerian youths are tired of hearing “you are the leaders of tomorrow”.  Are you not tired of seeing over $50 Billion worth of resources leave the country every year and nobody is doing anything about it.  Continue reading

Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji launches Social Network –


Let me just start by saying that, free N20,000 will not pass me by again lol,  50 followers on Linda Ikeji Social and counting.

As a blogger with how much you try to hate on Linda Ikeji you will still have to pay homage to her site at least once a week, so after months of drowning us in suspense of LIS, , it is fianlly out, and i am like dijavu anybody.   I will not go into a review of the site, because it obviously looks like facebook and she said it, instead i will congratulate her on the idea, at least Nigerians now have a counter to facebook and nairalanders so called algorithms.  Continue reading

Photos/Video: Rich Nigerian woman buys her man with a G-wagon

This story is trending on Nigerian Social Media. At first people thought it was a man that surprised his girlfriend with the luxury car as an apology gift, but it turns out it was the other way around. According to the person who handled the delivery, (Royal Hugs), a woman hired them to deliver a G.wagon, with a note saying ‘I am sorry’ to her man on Tuesday. From the videos shared, he actually taught it was a prank at first and also asked if they were serious. Watch the videos after the cut…
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10-Year Old Boy Rewarded with $10,000 for Discovering a Security Flaw with Instagram

Instagram-1A 10-year-old Finnish boy has received $10,000 from Facebook after finding a security fault in the Instagram app (owned by Facebook), media reports said on Tuesday.

The 10 year old will be the youngest recipient of the Facebook Bug Bounty Programme which rewards researchers and hackers for submitting hacks and bugs they discovered on any of the Facebook platforms. Continue reading

Ohimai Amaize Listed Amongst 500 World’s Most Influential CEOs on Social Media

Ohimai Amaize, Publisher of Signal online newspaper and CEO of Olivier Pope Inc – an image crisis management communications firm has been listed amongst the world’s top 500 most influential CEOs in the social media alongside media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Virgin boss, Richard Branson and Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

In a compilation released on Wednesday by UK-based, the young Nigerian businessman was listed at number 270 in the global list of 500. According to Richtopia, “We’ve compiled a list from top CEOs.

It’s a list of influential executives at being pro-active. If you’re a business person, it is critical that you follow and connect with these CEOs and expand your professional network.” The Richtopia CEOs list is compiled using a number of metrics combined to produce rank order.’

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Twitter to Expand Tweet’s 140-Character Limit to 10,000

One of the main features of twitter is the 140 character limit..Now, the social networking site has revealed plans to expand the word limit to a whooping 10,000 characters.This could transform Twitter into more of a public blogging platform ..

The Wall street journal reports that Twitter Inc. is aiming to retain the look and feel of the user timeline. For tweets that are longer than 140 characters, users will have to click and expand to see the rest of the text. As users write beyond the 140-character limit, Twitter will signal to them that they have crossed the threshold as a way to encourage brevity.Re/code earlier reported news of the 10,000 character limit on Tuesday…

Nigerian Bloggers In Abroad Looking At Us Like…. Lol #NoToSocialMediaBill

It high we send our Senators on an educational retreat #TheyNeedIt
Lol. So what’s the point of having freedom of the press and having defamation in the Nigerian constitution?


How will you properly judge defaulters and who would be qualify to be in that prestigious category. If (senators) you have a personal fight with Sahara reporters don’t try to suffocate everyone!