Why is it that most Christians if not all will cram the bible with it delicious and abundant verses and after all that high life hypocrisy and still there are no visible significant changes in their daily lives?

Why is it that Christians can’t try to forgive someone that wrong them instantly! They will like to show that person first before they think about settling the matter?

Why is it that Reverend Fathers, Pastors and Church Overseers do not preach deeply about the next coming and giving your life to Christ? Instead they talk about Money i.e. Wealth, Health, Miracles i.e. Signs and Wonders etc. And if you asked too much they quickly tell you these phrase “don’t be so religiously concerned that your life will be earthly useless”.

Why is it that now a days people buy Bibles for insane amount of money just to show off (or has God become a commodity?), I asked one of my friends why he brought a new Bible when he already has one and his reply was; the new bible has a beauty over full designed cover (it was fine actually) and it is more appealing to read than the old one. Come on is that a good enough reason to buy another Bible when you already have one! And you haven’t even finished reading it. It kind of a trend (religion a trend? The end is coming), people are no more concern with religion for its true nature, all the see now is the designer’s bags with Jesus on it or the chains, you guys know what I am talking about.

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