The Lies In The Nigerian Tech StartUp Space

nigeria tech startup

What I think of the tech space in Nigeria, is basically, a space where a bunch of we can all be rich in the “foreseeable future” sets of people come together to explain prehistoric rich men who are not willing to believe them; due to lack of real business know how, that this idea of an app will bring in unimaginable wealth with a peanut from your money pile.  But, this is just an idea with no reality whatsoever, the idea generator does not have any mystical marketing powers neither is he or she mostly he, a God or Goddess is the HR world (wait, do they know HR?).  Continue reading

The Legal Issues You Need To Know If You’re Launching A Startup In 2017

startupsThinking of finally launching that startup in this year, 2017? You’d be in for a ride, especially if you are a dropout college student in Africa.

One of the most important things is actually forming the company, which is something startup founders sometimes forget to do. I always think of the scene in Silicon Valley where he gets his first investor check and he goes to the bank and says, “I want to deposit this,” and the bank says, “You don’t have a company.” That’s something we’ll often see with founders. They’ll think about trademarking their name, or they’ll think about setting up their website before actually setting up the entity. Continue reading

The Truth About Joining The Start-Up Trend In 2017

It has been statistically proven that most of you will die within the next coming months, but nevertheless we all must face death at one point in time…

Joining the startup trend even if you have the passion for it does not mean you will be listed in the fortune 500 before this year runs out or in the next ten years to come, you might as well quite your facebook wanna be dream, dust off your certificates and go look for a decent job.  Every entrepreneur who has successfully convinced himself to be a dropout from the school of normal employment should ask himself/herself this “are you earning more as an entrepreneur than someone who is been paid to work ?  Continue reading

Logical Address Represents Nigeria At The 2016 ITU Telecom World Bangkok, Thailand


Logical Address is now in Thailand and the Thai people can’t stop smiling!  The address solving startup form NHUB, a tech community based in Plateau State, Nigeria is expanding their global presence one country at a time and Thailand is the current destination.  Logical Address is an addressing system that solves one of humans most fundamental problems, navigation your way to someone’s location . Continue reading

Student Innovators and Startups can win $10,000 in the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2016

Team CHURA 2015 Winner – ERICSSON Innovation Awards Sub-Saharan Africa

Ericsson has opened the registration portal for the 2016 sub-Saharan Africa Innovation Awards. This year’s call for entries is targeted at student innovators and startups from across the region to enter the regional contest to win $10,000.

The goal for the 2016 sub-Saharan Africa Innovation Awards is to find innovations that promote sustainability in the future of food, whether it be in food production, packaging, information availability or distribution. Continue reading